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Services – Archives and Special Collections


Copies, Scans, and Photography

Reproductions of items from Archives and Special Collections are provided in accordance with Fair Use, according to the Canadian Copyright Act. Permitted uses include research and private study. If you intend to use images or scans of from items in our collections for a publication, you will need to seek permission from the copyright holder or publisher. Reproductions will be made by staff for a fee. Researchers can in most cases take a photo of an item they are consulting, when the intended use is for private research or study. Please confirm with the staff member in the reading room. Flash photography is not permitted.

Preservation / Collection Care

Conservation advisor David Daley provides advice and treatment for the preservation of books, archives, and mixed collections to the archivists, curators, and librarians at the university. Conservation activities include collections inspections, cleaning, repair, and environmental control maintenance. Professional advice is also provided to community members and groups who have questions about the care of heirlooms and personal collections.

Research Support

Specialists in each collecting area will assist you in preparing to consult materials. We offer reference support and assistance in planning a research visit, searching our holdings, and using rare and archival sources. We advise over the phone, via email, through one-on-one consultations, or in our Reading Room.

Teaching Support

Using archival and special collections materials in university courses enhances the student learning experience by introducing students to exciting new venues for their learning and research and by promoting meaningful engagement with original sources. If you wish to bring your class to Archives and Special Collections, please consult with Christena McKillop.

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Tours of our facilities are available. To inquire, please contact Laura Doublet, Operations Manager.

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