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EMI Music Canada fonds

What is in the EMI Music Canada fonds?

The EMI Music Canada fonds (archive) consists of the entire corporate record of Capitol Music Records of Canada and EMI Music Canada, covering the time period 1949-2012. This archive was consistently maintained from the beginning of EMI Music Canada in 1949 until its purchase by Universal Music Canada in 2012. Universal in turn donated the fonds to the University of Calgary in 2016. Rich in textual materials, photographs, sound, video, and film recordings, the EMI Music Canada fonds illustrates in detail the operation of one of Canada’s largest and most enduring record companies.

A full listing of the entire contents thus far in the EMI Music Canada fonds is available in our archival database. This database provides descriptive information only about the many different types of materials in the fonds (archive) as well as specific information about which artists are included in the EMI collection. Researchers who wish to know more about the archive can contact Special Collections.

Who can use the EMI fonds?

Anyone can use and access the EMI Music Canada fonds. We welcome music lovers and fans! The collection is open to students, staff, faculty members, researchers from any institution, and the general public. Due to Covid restrictions, our reading room, The Glenbow Western Research Centre, is currently open only to University of Calgary students, staff and faculty, but we will gladly assist you remotely.

As we digitize the sound and video recordings, we will make them in available in Digital Collections. Each person using the EMI collection in Digital Collections for the first time will create an account. Once an account is set up, researchers can request access to recordings from the EMI Collection through a request form and shopping cart. If you need access to the collection, please let us know.