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Glenbow Western Research Centre is open by appointment only for current University of Calgary students, faculty, and staff. Please visit to book an appointment.

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Principal Investigators

  • Tom Hickerson, Principal and Co-Principal Investigator (Phase I and II)
  • Annie Murray, Co-Principal Investigator (Phase II and III) & Project Coordinator (Phase I, II, and III)
  • Susan Powelson, Co-Principal Investigator (Phase III) & Project Coordinator (Phase III)
  • Dr. Mary-Jo Romaniuk, Co-Principal Investigator (Phase III)

Project Team

  • Nathan Chandler
  • Robb Gilbert
  • Elizabeth-Anne Johnson
  • Rowena Johnson
  • David Jones
  • Andy Nichols
  • Ingrid Reiche
  • Kathryn Ruddock
  • Chris Segnitz