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Copies, Scans and Photography

In many cases, we are able to provide photocopies or scans of items in Archives and Special Collections, provided that the duplication will not harm the item or that the amount of duplication is in accordance with relevant Copyright legislation. 

Reproductions (e.g. scans or photocopies) will be made by staff. Most requests can be completed within a few days time, but requests for a larger volume or specialized high-resolution images can take longer.

There are fees for having copies or scans made of materials in Archives and Special Collections. Please inquire. 

Reproductions of items from Archives and Special Collections are provided in accordance with Fair Use, according to the Canadian Copyright Act. Permitted uses include research and private study. If you intend to use images or scans of from items in our collections for a publication, you will need to seek permission from the copyright holder or publisher.

Researchers can in most cases take a photo of an item they are consulting. Please confirm with the staff member in the reading room. Flash photography is not permitted. Photography is permitted when the intended use is for private study or research. 


The preservation of the numerous collections at the University of Calgary includes both the preventative maintenance and the physical treatment of objects and documents needing specialized care.

The conservation department provides advice and treatment for the preservation of books, archives, and mixed collections to the archivists, curators, and librarians at the university.

A paper cleaning facility is operated on campus to treat collections and help provide educational programming to students. Conservation activities include collections inspections, cleaning, repair, and environmental control maintenance. Professional advice is also provided to community members and groups who have questions about the care of heirlooms and personal collections.

For more information, please contact Conservation Advisor David Daley by email or phone 403-220-4190.