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Student Appeal Process

Retention Rule Number: 
Specific Retention Rule 98.0015
To document student academic appeals, and student academic mis-conduct and non-academic misconduct appeals. NOTE: This retention rule applies to records generated by appeals that are heard at the Faculty Appeal Committee level and higher. NOTE: Student appeal records held by the Registrar's Office are covered by the student records retention rules (#99.0006, #98.0018, and #2010.06).
Description/Type of Records: 
Letters of appeal, supporting documentation, appeals committee decisions and notices.

Retention Rules

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)
Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR): 

Faculty Appeal Committees 
General Faculties Council Student Academic Appeals Committee
Student Discipline Appeal Committee (Board of Governors)
Associate Vice-Provost (Student Services)
Deans and Department Heads


10 years from the date of the appeal decision


Confidential shred or delete