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Where do I file…?

Non-records tend to be published materials and reference materials. Examples include externally published reports, supply or equipment catalogues, brochures/annual reports/pamphlets from other institutions or companies, blank forms and reference articles or journals.

DO NOT file non-records using UCLASS. Non-records should be kept in a reference library area and weeded on a regular basis.

There are a number of Primaries in UCLASS that document personnel involvement with external bodies.

Personnel involvement with administrative organizations, including associations, societies, committees, councils, clubs, task forces, etc.  AD200 – External Organizations
Liaison with other universities and colleges

AC180 – Educational Institutions

EXCEPTION: Joint academic programs with other universities and colleges are represented by AC625 Program Development.

Personnel involvement in research organizations

RE635 – Research Bodies – External

Personnel involvement with sponsoring research organizations

RE235 – External Research Funding

Personnel involvement with government related committees and councils

GV275 – Government Relations

The records of University committees or councils, working groups and task forces are classified according to the activity of the committee.


All strategic planning at the unit, department, faculty, and senior executive levels, including departmental and faculty committee/council meetings

GV700 Strategic Planning & Reporting


Development of ethical protocols related to research involving humans and animals

RE200 Ethics and Ethical Approval
Discussion of social issues and the development of policies on these matters, including discrimination, harassment, gender issues, recruitment and retention, diversity, race relations and religion GV280 Human Rights Advocacy.

Planning for new positions for either support staff or academic staff HR525 Position Planning
The process of hiring support staff or MaPS

HR230 Employment Processes – Support Staff, Management & Professional Staff

Includes summer students, lab personnel, consultants or project staff.

The process of hiring academic staff

HR225 Employment Processes – Academic and Senior Administrative Staff


Records related to the hiring process of Chairs & Professorhsips in RE110 Chairs & Professorships.

Once a new hire becomes a University employee

HR180 Employee Files – Academic & Senior Administrative Staff

HR185 Employee Files – Support Staff, Management & Professional Staff 

Employee benefits including health and dental plans, insurance, pension and retirement, sick leave, flexible spending and wellness benefits

HR080 Benefits Administration

Timesheets, vacations and leaves for support staff

AD500 Office Support

Leaves for academic staff

HR035 Academic Leave Administration

Reviews, terminations and dismissals of support staff

HR230 Employment Processes – Support Staff, Management & Professional Staff

File the end result of these processes in the employee file.

Reviews and evaluations of academic staff

HR225 Employment Processes – Academic and Senior Administrative Staff

File the end result of these processes in the employee file.

Dismissals of academic staff

HR250 Faculty Dismissals

Records received from or sent to faculties, departments and administrative units are classified according to the activity represented in the record.


ALL strategic planning, including annual or other periodic reports, department,

faculty and senior executive committees or councils

GV700 Strategic Planning and Reporting
Fundraising CR320 Fund Development
Budgets FM200 Budget Development
Reviews and reorganization GV540 Organizational Change and Review
Space management, including alterations and renovations and moves CA650 Space Management
Program development AC625 Program Planning

Records relating to students and student activities are classified according to the activity represented in the record.

These activities are usually included in either the AC Academic Operations Block or the ST Student Services Block.

AC035 Admissions & Enrolment

AC175 Education Abroad

AC235 Evaluation of Students

AC560 Practicum Experience

AC750 Student Academic Files

ST175 Career Experience

ST300 International Student Programs & Services

ST495 Native Student Programs & Serivces

ST645 Special Student Programs & Services

ST650 Student Associations

ST655 Student Financial Assistance

ST675 Student Health & Wellness Services

ST685 Student Orientation and Advising

ST700 Student Recruitment

NOTE: Student appeals or legal actions arising from appeals are represented by GV725 Student Appeals & Reviews.