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Course Outlines

Course descriptions in the University Calendar are available online here.The University Calendar is also available on the UofC website from 2003 to the present.

Many departments have made their course outlines available on their websites — check there before contacting Archives.

Copies of course outlines are available in the University Archives holdings as are paper copies of the University Calendar.

NOTE that the University Archives does not hold every course outline for every University course.
For special topic/seminar courses, the Archives does not hold the majority of course outlines.  Clients should access the course description from the UofC Calendar for the relevant academic year which provides a brief description confirming this is an individualized special topic/seminar course.

To request copies of course outlines that are not available on departmental websites, contact us at with the following information:

  • the course name, number and section (if applicable)
  • the course instructor
  • the term you were enrolled in the course

Duplication fees will be charged for copies of course descriptions and outlines.

Student Transcripts and Grades

University of Calgary student transcripts and grades are maintained by Student and Enrollment Services. Instructions for how to access these records can be found on the Enrolment Services website.

Foothills Hospital School of Nursing student transcripts are maintained by Alberta Health Services. Instructions for how to obtain copies of these records can be found on Alberta Health Services Nursing Transcripts webpage.


List of Course Outlines

Archaeology 1993-2000, 2005-current
Art 1994-1995, 2008-current
Biological Sciences 1972-2014, 2007-current
Chemical & Petroleum Engineering 1988-2010, 2015-2016
Classics 1986-1988, 2005-current
Communication & Culture 1976-2006
Drama 1975-2007
Economics 1974-1979, 1981-2005
Education 1966-2012
Educational Psychology (includes APSY) 1970-2008
Engineering 1986-1989, 1991-2017
English 1986-1988, 1990-1991, 1995-2013
Environmental Design 1975-1991
Foothills School of Nursing 1970-1994
French, Italian & Spanish 1980-2011
Geography 1970-2005
Germanic, Slavic, East Asian Studies 1986-2013
Haskayne School of Business (Management) 1982-2006, 2013-2016
History 1974-2013 (gaps exist)
Kinesiology 1974, 1982-2021
Linguistics 1981-2013
Mathematics & Statistics 1977-2009, 1998-current
Mechanical Engineering 1986-1996, 2003-2009
Music 1996-2007
Nursing 1971-1981, 1986-2017
Philosophy 1986-1988
Political Science
check with Department of Political Science (1984-present)
Psychology 1960, 1977-2010
Religious Studies 1986-1988, 2001-current
Social Work 1974-2018
Sociology 1987-2015
Undergraduate Medical Education 1974-1987