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Services – Archives and Special Collections

The Glenbow Western Research Centre is open by appointment only. Please visit to book an appointment.


Order boxes

The University Archives will provide boxes to University units who are transferring their records for storage.

Transfer records

University (corporate) records that no longer have administrative value can be transferred to the University Archives for storage.

Retrieve records

Since many records are stored offsite, it may take up to 2 days to retrieve the records. University Archives staff will call you when the records are available.

Request to Destroy records

All University offices must protect personal information by ensuring that reasonable security arrangements are in place against such risks as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure and destruction.

Storage of records

Archives offers storage of university (corporate) records that are no longer needed on a daily basis in campus offices, but may still be referred to occasionally for a limited period of time (until final disposition through either destruction or transfer to archival collections).

Duplication of records

The University Archives is a non-lending institution due to the original and unique nature of archival records. Special reproduction measures are also in place to preserve the records.