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Glenbow Archives Relocation

Glenbow Finding Aids

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Accession Number Collection
M-1941 (BOX 11) John Vaselenak fonds
M-1942 Austin de B. Winter fonds
M-1943 Canadian war museum
M-1944 H.W. Church
M-1946 Royal engineers
M-1947 Louis Riel collection
M-1949 Richard Scougall Cassels fonds
M-1949 John A. Forin fonds
M-1950 Major John E. Stewart
M-1951 George Gwynne Mann fonds
M-1952 James O. Scott fonds
M-1953 Canada. Department of National Defence. Castle Mountain Internment Camp fonds
M-1961 Canada. Department of National Defence. Calgary Highlanders fonds
M-1961 Canada. Department of National Defence. 19th Alberta Dragoons fonds
M-1961 Canada. Department of National Defence. Regimental Records fonds
M-1962 Motor Car Supply Company of Canada Ltd. fonds
M-1963 Canada. Department of National Defence. Regimental Records fonds
M-1964 Canada. Department of National Defence. Regimental Records fonds
M-1965 Navy League of Canada. Alberta Division fonds
M-1966 Canada Department of National Defence. Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) fonds
M-1967 Canada Department of National Defence. Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) fonds
M-1968 Canada Department of National Defence. Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) fonds
M-1969 Canadian legion
M-1970 Canada. Department of National Defence. Regimental Records fonds
M-1971 Lt. Col. E.M. Moore
M-1972 Canada Department of National Defence. 31st Canadian Infantry Battalion (Alberta) fonds
M-1974 Mrs. Mary Dover
M-1977 Willian Rowan fonds
M-1978 Department of education
M-1979 A.T. Baker
M-1980 B.C. Barkerville
M-1982 Glenbow Foundation. Archaeology Department fonds
M-1983 Kainai Chieftainship fonds
M-1984 Glenbow Foundation. Archaeology Department fonds
M-1985 Social studies council
M-1987 A.E. White
M-1989 Acme elementary school
M-1990 Foothills School Division No. 38 fonds
M-1991 Foothills School Division No. 38 fonds
M-1992 Foothills School Division No. 38 fonds
M-1993 Rockyview School Division No. 41 fonds
M-1994 Agnes E. Richards fonds
M-1995 Berry Creek School Division No. 1 fonds
M-1996 Berry Creek School Division No. 1 fonds
M-1997 Rockyview School Division No. 41 fonds
M-1998 Bow Valley School Division No. 43 fonds
M-1999 Foothills School Division No. 38 fonds
M-2000 Rockyview School Division No. 41 fonds
M-2001 Lorne Proudfoot fonds
M-2002 R.E. Congdon
M-2003 Coronation school
M-2004 (BOX 55) Crowsnest Pass School Division No. 63 fonds
Accession Number Collection
M-1601 (BOX 246) West Canadian Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-1602 Charles Westgate fonds
M-1603 Winnipeg Western Land Corporation fonds
M-1604 Homestead hotel and bungalows
M-1605 Beacher stopping house
M-1606 Braemar Lodge Hotel fonds
M-1607 King George Hotel fonds
M-1608 Cranbrook Hotel
M-1610 Empire Hotel fonds
M-1612 King George Hotel fonds
M-1614 Queen's Hotel fonds
M-1616 Bon accord herald
M-1617 Leroy E. Brownlee fonds
M-1618 Calgary Herald fonds
M-1619 Calgary Herald fonds
M-1620 Calgary Herald fonds
M-1621 Fred Kennedy fonds
M-1622 Dingman family fonds (File 1-2)
M-1622 Calgary Herald fonds (File 3-11)
M-1624 Calgary Herald fonds
M-1628 Mrs. Frances Fraser
M-1630 Glenwood gleanings
M-1631 The Globe
M-1634 Macleod Gazette fonds
M-1636 New York public library
M-1637 Pincher Creek Echo fonds
M-1638 John Tapson-Jones fonds
M-1639 Saturday Globe
M-1640 J.A. Spencer
M-1642 Bow North Rural Electrification Association fonds
M-1644 Independent Order of Foresters fonds
M-1645 10th Battalion, Royal Grenadiers fonds
M-1646 Israel Florence fonds
M-1647 Etta G. Mather fonds
M-1648 Harry Pearce
M-1649 William F. Wuest fonds
M-1650 Masonic Grand lodge
M-1651 Frederick Archibald Brewster fonds
M-1652 Elks
M-1654 Independent Order of Foresters fonds
M-1655 Mrs. J.D. May
M-1656 Modern Woodmen of America. Crossfield Camp No. 14202 fonds
M-1657 Independent Order of Oddfellows. Grand Lodge of Alberta / Rebekah Assembly of Alberta fonds
M-1658 Loyal Orange Association. Springbank Lodge No. 595 fonds
M-1659 Sons of England Benefit Society. Calgary Lodges fonds
M-1660 Sons of England Benefit Society. Calgary Lodges fonds
M-1661 Calgary Italian community council
M-1662 Conference of friends of the Indians of BC
M-1664 Ku Klux klan
M-1665 Sir Roper Lethbridge
M-1666 Fred Parkinson fonds
M-1667 Gussie Steihhauser
M-1668 Union of BC. Indian chiefs
M-1669 Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association fonds
M-1670 Alberta Home Economics Association fonds
M-1671 Austrian Aid Society fonds
M-1672 Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-1673 Boy Scouts of Canada. 2nd Calgary Troop fonds
M-1674 Boy Scouts of Canada. 2nd Calgary Troop fonds
M-1675 Calgary St. Andrew's Golf Club fonds
M-1676 Calgary Dahlia Society fonds
M-1679 Canadian Order of Chosen Friends. Springbank Council fonds
M-1681 Centennial Ravine Park Society fonds
M-1682 High River Polo Club fonds
M-1683 Alberta Women's Institute. Glendale Branch fonds
M-1684 Golden Age Club fonds
M-1685 Bob and Gladys Campbell fonds
M-1686 Grace Guild fonds
M-1687 E.E. Harper
M-1689 Historic Trails Society of Alberta fonds
M-1690 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-1693 Kiwanis Club of Calgary fonds
M-1694 Calgary Local Council of Women fonds
M-1696 Canadian Hostelling Association fonds
M-1697 Canadian Club of Calgary fonds
M-1698 Carseland Public Benefit Club fonds
M-1699 Ranchmen's club
M-1700 Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-1701 Rotary Club of Camrose fonds
M-1703 Women's Canadian Club of Calgary fonds
M-1708 Alberta Provincial Woman's Christian Temperance Union fonds
M-1710 Young Men's Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-1711 Young Women's Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-1712 Y's Menettes Club of Calgary fonds
M-1717 United Farmers of Alberta. Square Deal Local fonds
M-1718 Women of Unifarm fonds
M-1719 Calgary Status of Women Action Committee fonds
M-1721 Cooperative commonwealth federation
M-1722 Alberta Cooperative Commonwealth Federation Party fonds
M-1724 Alberta Liberal Association fonds
M-1725 Alberta Women's Liberal Association fonds
M-1726 Alberta Liberal Association fonds
M-1727 Alberta Liberal Association fonds
M-1729 Alberta Liberal Association fonds
M-1730 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-1733 H.G.L. Strange
M-1734 David Edwin Lewis fonds
M-1735 Edmond Francis Purcell fonds
M-1736 James Gladstone family fonds
M-1737 James Gladstone family fonds
M-1738 James Gladstone family fonds
M-1741 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-1742 A.A. McGillivray fonds
M-1743 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-1744 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-1745 United Farmers of Alberta fonds
M-1746 Perren Earle Baker fonds
M-1747 United Farmers of Alberta fonds
M-1749 United Farmers of Alberta fonds
M-1750 United Farmers of Alberta fonds
M-1751 Women of Unifarm fonds
M-1752 Alberta social credit league
M-1753 Stewart Cameron fonds
M-1754 George Gibson Coote fonds
M-1757 Solon E. Low fonds
M-1758 Una Maclean
M-1759 Una Maclean
M-1760 John McNaughton
M-1761 Eva Reid fonds
M-1763 Social credit party
M-1766 Social credit party
M-1767 John Blackmore fonds
M-1769 Social credit party
M-1770 Social credit party
M-1774 Mrs. E.W. Willis
M-1776 Daniel Webster Trotter fonds
M-1777 Dominion of Canada Party fonds
M-1790 W.G. Bogdan
M-1791 Canada. Department of Agriculture. Coutts Customs House fonds
M-1792 Department of energy
M-1793 Department of interior
M-1794 Department of energy
M-1795 Department of agriculture
M-1796 Department of agriculture
M-1797 National and historic parks
M-1798 Dominion patent office
M-1799 Department of interior
M-1800 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-1801 Department of interior
M-1802 Canada wartime prices and trade
M-1803 Royal commision on bilingualism
M-1804 Statistics Canada
M-1808 Canada. Royal Commission on Coal fonds
M-1810 Cree Indians
M-1811 Hugh Dempsey
M-1812 Eastern Rockies Forest Conservation Board fonds
M-1818 George H. Gooderman
M-1819 Alvin Hamilton fonds
M-1822 Hon George Hees
M-1828 C.E. La Rue
M-1831 Canada. Department of Indian Affairs. Peigan Indian Agency fonds
M-1832 Canada. Department of Indian Affairs. Peigan Indian Agency fonds
M-1833 Public archives of Canada
M-1834 Public archives of Canada
M-1835 Public archives of Canada
M-1836 St. Paul catholic church
M-1840 Robert Scace
M-1841 Robert Scace
M-1842 Robert Scace
M-1843 William Strojich fonds
M-1849 Department of agriculture
M-1850 Alberta taxation inquiry board
M-1851 Department of agriculture
M-1855 Perren Earle Baker fonds
M-1856 C.A. Cheshire
M-1857 George Cloakey
M-1858 Environnment conservation
M-1859 Glenbow-Alberta institute
M-1862 O.S. Longman fonds
M-1863 J. Angus McKinnon fonds
M-1864 MacMillan Family's Vulcan Photographs collection
M-1865 William G. Morrow fonds
M-1867 University of Lethbridge
M-1868 Jack Ward
M-1870 Alberta urban municipalities
M-1876 City of Calgary
M-1878 Calgary planning department
M-1879 City of Calgary
M-1885 City of New Westminster
M-1889 Calgary Public Livestock Market Ltd. fonds
M-1891 Ernest John Hoare fonds
M-1892 Tom Kirkham
M-1893 Helen La Rose
M-1894 Lethbridge, Alberta
M-1895 Lethbridge, Alberta
M-1896 George Murdoch fonds
M-1897 J.R. Schmitz
M-1898 F.A. Schwilgen
M-1899 Hon L. Sherman Turcotte
M-1900 Tom Ward's Calgary history collection
M-1901 Thomas Ward
M-1903 Alberta Municipalities Associations collection
M-1904 Village of Barons fonds
M-1904 Barons Consolidated School District No. 8 fonds
M-1905 Matthew A. Brimacombe fonds
M-1906 South Bittern Lake School District No. 616 fonds
M-1906 Camrose Hospital Board fonds
M-1906 Camrose Exhibition Association Ltd. fonds
M-1907 Camrose Hospital Board fonds
M-1908 Town of Camrose fonds
M-1909 Town of Camrose fonds
M-1910 Innisfail
M-1911 Malcolm and Della Robson fonds
M-1912 Local Improvement District No. 9T4 fonds
M-1913 Mooney family fonds
M-1914 Municipal District of Tomahawk No. 521 fonds
M-1915 Okotoks Agricultural Society fonds
M-1915 Foothills School Division No. 38 fonds
M-1916 Red Deer Lake Fire Brigade fonds
M-1917 Local Improvement District No. 25C4 fonds
M-1918 Special areas board
M-1919 D.M. Stewart
M-1920 Leeds public archives
M-1922 Gordon Lee Atkins
M-1923 John C.F. Bown fonds
M-1924 Amy Ellen Brown fonds
M-1925 Calgary Bar Association fonds
M-1926 Calgary Bar Association fonds
M-1929 Alex Johnston fonds
M-1931 Law Society of the North-West Territories fonds
M-1932 James D. MacDonald
M-1933 Mackid family fonds
M-1934 McLaws
M-1935 J.E.A. Macleod fonds
M-1938 Spencer Cumming (law firm) fonds
M-1941 (BOX 10) John Vaselenak fonds
Accession Number Collection
M-1548 A.E. Cross family fonds
M-1550 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-1551 Canadian gulf oil company
M-1552 Canadian Pacific Railway Land Settlement and Development fonds
M-1553 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-1554 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-1556 Coal Association of Canada fonds
M-1557 Coleman Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-1558 Continental oil company
M-1560 Crown Lumber Company Ltd. fonds
M-1561 Crowsnest Resources Ltd. fonds
M-1562 Stanley J. Davies fonds
M-1563 Dingman family fonds
M-1564 Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber Company fonds
M-1565 Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber Company fonds
M-1566 F.H. Edmunds
M-1568 Gorman's ltd
M-1569 Haselwood family fonds
M-1570 Home Oil Company Ltd. fonds
M-1571 Home Oil Company Ltd. fonds
M-1572 Hydro-Pete Oils Ltd. fonds
M-1574 Knight Sugar Company Ltd. fonds
M-1576 Robert Llewellyn's Coal Mining collection
M-1578 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-1579 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-1584 Northwest natural gas company
M-1586 Oakwood Petroleums Ltd. fonds
M-1587 Overseas Petroleum Company Ltd. fonds
M-1589 John W. Proctor fonds
M-1590 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-1592 Segur oil company
M-1594 Standen's Limited fonds
M-1595 Standard Coal and Development Company fonds
M-1596 Taylor Signs Ltd. fonds
M-1597 John Schmidt fonds
M-1599 TransCanada Pipe Lines fonds
M-1601 (BOX 245) West Canadian Collieries Ltd. fonds
Accession Number Collection
M-1113 Frederick Scott fonds
M-1114 Knox United Church fonds
M-1115 Frederick Scott fonds
M-1116 Seaborn family fonds
M-1117 Barbara Sears
M-1118 John Schmidt fonds
M-1119 Richard Secord
M-1120 Richard Secord
M-1121 Lord Selkirk
M-1122 Ernest Seton
M-1124 John Smith Shanks fonds
M-1125 Charles Sharples fonds
M-1127 Frederick D. Shaw fonds
M-1128 Alexander Campbell Shaw fonds
M-1129 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-1130 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-1131 Samuel M. Shaw fonds
M-1132 William Shearer fonds
M-1133 James Sheils
M-1135 Rice Sheppard
M-1136 Jack and Philip Shirley fonds
M-1137 Short, Knupp family fonds
M-1138 Thomas John Cornwall fonds
M-1139 Sydney C. Short
M-1140 Albert Shurtleff fonds
M-1141 R.L. Silverthorn
M-1142 Dugald Macdonald Sinclair
M-1143 Mrs. Alexander Sinclair
M-1144 William G. Morrow fonds
M-1145 A. Sketchley
M-1147 Chief Robert Smallboy
M-1148 Cappy Smart fonds
M-1149 Archibald Edwin Smith fonds
M-1150 Henry Smith fonds
M-1152 Tom Gummo fonds
M-1153 Kathleen Lennox Smith
M-1154 Marie Rose Smith fonds
M-1155 Orville Hawkins Smith fonds
M-1156 Vernor W. Smith fonds
M-1157 Walter Norman Smith and Amelia Turner Smith fonds
M-1159 Mrs. John Smythe
M-1161 C.C. Snowdon Company Ltd. fonds
M-1162 D.M. Soole fonds
M-1163 James Wilson Spalding fonds
M-1164 Thomas Harold Spear fonds
M-1165 Henry E. Spencer fonds
M-1166 J. Wesley Stambaugh fonds
M-1167 Joseph Standish fonds
M-1168 Mrs. E.C. Stanley
M-1169 Milton Howard Staples
M-1170 Harry Snyder Barren Lands Expedition fonds
M-1171 Sam Steele fonds
M-1172 Sam Steele fonds
M-1173 William Steele
M-1175 Henry Stelfox fonds
M-1176 Henry Stelfox fonds
M-1177 Henry Stelfox fonds
M-1178 Stephan Stephansson fonds
M-1179 Arthur Alexander Melville Stewart fonds
M-1180 A.J. Stewart fonds
M-1182 Arthur Hiram Stewart fonds
M-1185 Canon H.W.G. Stocken fonds
M-1188 Wesley Stockton fonds
M-1189 John Stokoe fonds
M-1190 Fred V. Stone fonds
M-1191 Fred V. Stone fonds
M-1192 George Storch
M-1193 Okey Strain fonds
M-1194 Lord Strathcona
M-1195 Gervase Strong fonds
M-1196 Theodore Strom fonds
M-1197 Hamilton R. Stephenson
M-1198 Arthur Alexander Melville Stewart fonds
M-1199 John Kenneth Sutherland fonds
M-1200 John Kenneth Sutherland fonds
M-1201 James Sutherland fonds
M-1203 Thor Swain fonds
M-1204 Swinarton family fonds
M-1204 Duncan and Archie Campbell fonds
M-1205 Alberta Provincial Police fonds
M-1206 Tait family fonds
M-1207 Percy Talbot fonds
M-1208 Japanese Albertans Oral History Project collection
M-1209 John Tanche fonds
M-1210 John Tapson-Jones fonds
M-1211 Egbert Oliver Taylor fonds
M-1212 Taylor Signs Ltd. fonds
M-1213 Taylor Signs Ltd. fonds
M-1215 James M. Taylor fonds
M-1216 Oscar Gilbert Taylor fonds
M-1217 Kathleen Tempest
M-1220 David Thompson fonds
M-1221 Bernard H.J. Thoms fonds
M-1222 Bernard H.J. Thoms fonds
M-1223 David Thompson fonds
M-1224 Georgina Helen Thomson fonds
M-1225 Colonel J.R. Thompson
M-1226 Colonel J.R. Thompson
M-1227 Colonel J.R. Thompson
M-1228 Colonel J.R. Thompson
M-1229 Frank Thorn fonds
M-1230 William D. Thornton fonds
M-1231 Thorpe family fonds
M-1232 Percival Timms fonds
M-1234 Archdeacon J.W. Tims family fonds
M-1235 Archdeacon J.W. Tims family fonds
M-1237 Peter Tomkins Jr. fonds
M-1240 Bert and Myrtle Toshach fonds
M-1241 Traill family fonds
M-1242 Traill family fonds
M-1243 Traill family fonds
M-1244 Ma Trainor fonds
M-1245 William J. Tregillus fonds
M-1246 Richard S. Tribe fonds
M-1247 Alfred Warren Trickey fonds
M-1248 Trizone oil and development
M-1249 Daniel Webster Trotter fonds
M-1251 Trussler family fonds
M-1252 Trussler family fonds
M-1253 Spencer and Esme Tuck fonds
M-1254 Spencer and Esme Tuck fonds
M-1255 Arthur Turner fonds
M-1256 Herbert Edward Turtle fonds
M-1257 James F. Macleod family fonds
M-1258 Mrs. Annie Leake Tuttle
M-1259 William Morris Graham fonds
M-1260 Clarence and Jessie Umscheid fonds
M-1261 Thomas Underwood fonds
M-1262 Lawrence Unwin
M-1263 Bert Valentine fonds
M-1264 Sydney Vallence
M-1265 Mrs. Grace VanBuren
M-1266 Alex Price's Railway collection
M-1267 Anna van Wyk fonds
M-1268 John Makes Him Long fonds
M-1269 P.H. Waddy
M-1270 Colonel James H. Walker fonds
M-1271 Colonel James H. Walker fonds
M-1272 William Walker fonds
M-1273 John Phipps fonds
M-1274 David John Carter fonds
M-1275 Captail HughWallace
M-1276 James Wallace's Bowness collection
M-1277 Paul Wallace fonds
M-1278 W.L. Walsh fonds
M-1279 Alexander Ward
M-1280 Jack Ward fonds
M-1281 John Ware, Lewis family fonds
M-1283 John Ware, Lewis family fonds
M-1284 Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta fonds
M-1285 Keith Martin Watt fonds
M-1286 Guy Weadick fonds
M-1287 Guy Weadick fonds
M-1288 Minnie and Arthur Webb fonds
M-1289 Edna Webb
M-1290 James Albert Webb fonds
M-1291 Manasseh Weber
M-1292 Ethel M. Webster
M-1293 William Wedgewood fonds
M-1294 Robert Weir fonds
M-1296 Alfred P. Welsh fonds
M-1297 Sheilagh S. Jameson and Nola B. Erickson Chautauqua collection
M-1298 Carl L. and George Wenstrom fonds
M-1299 Christopher and Alice West fonds
M-1300 Christopher and Alice West fonds
M-1301 John Dickson Whetham fonds
M-1302 Frank White fonds
M-1303 Cochrane Ranche Company Ltd. fonds
M-1305 Calgary Horticultural Society fonds
M-1306 Donald Wilby fonds
M-1307 Bill Wilde fonds
M-1308 Stephen Wilk fonds
M-1309 Mary Katherine Wilkin fonds
M-1310 Dr. Isabel Wilkins
M-1311 P.R. Wilkinson
M-1312 Frederick C. Williams fonds
M-1313 T. Milton and Katherine Williams fonds
M-1314 T. Milton and Katherine Williams fonds
M-1315 Thomas Bowerman Williams fonds
M-1316 Tom Williams
M-1318 Mrs. John Willis
M-1319 Ernest Willis fonds
M-1320 Eliza Jane Wilson fonds
M-1321 Tom Wilson fonds
M-1322 Tom Wilson fonds
M-1323 Tom Wilson fonds
M-1324 Tom Wilson fonds
M-1325 Ed Wilson fonds
M-1326 Beryl Wingerter
M-1327 Austin de B. Winter fonds
M-1328 Austin de B. Winter fonds
M-1329 Edwin John Winterbottom fonds
M-1330 Peter Prince fonds
M-1332 Garnet Wolseley fonds
M-1333 Garnet Wolseley fonds
M-1335 Charles E.D. Wood fonds
M-1336 Charles E.D. Wood fonds
M-1337 Henry Wise Wood fonds
M-1338 Kerry Wood
M-1339 Percy Charles Woodford fonds
M-1340 Mabel Brinkley fonds
M-1341 Woodside family fonds
M-1343 William McKenny Wray fonds
M-1344 William McKenny Wray fonds
M-1345 Fred Wright fonds
M-1346 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1347 Wyndham family fonds
M-1348 George Markland Yeomans
M-1349 Captain George Holmes Young
M-1350 Young, Peacock family fonds
M-1351 Chinese Consul of Vancouver fonds
M-1352 Jack J. Zubick fonds
M-1354 St. Philip and St. James Anglican Church fonds
M-1355 Anglican church
M-1357 Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute fonds
M-1359 Camrose United Church fonds
M-1360 Camrose United Church fonds
M-1361 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-1361 Pinkham family fonds
M-1362 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-1363 Central United Church fonds
M-1364 Central United Church fonds
M-1365 Central United Church fonds
M-1366 Christ Church fonds
M-1367 Christ Church fonds
M-1368 Christ Church fonds
M-1369 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-1370 Church of the Brethren
M-1371 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-1373 Free Methodist Church. Alberta Conference
M-1375 Hillhurst Baptist Church fonds
M-1376 George Hollywood
M-1377 Knox United Church fonds
M-1380 McDougall Orphanage and Home fonds
M-1381 Southern Alberta Hutterian Brethren collection
M-1382 Olivet Baptist Church fonds
M-1383 Our lady of peace cairn
M-1384 Hugh G. Peck's United Church History collection
M-1385 Southern Alberta Hutterian Brethren collection
M-1386 Stephen Wilk fonds
M-1387 St. James Anglican Church fonds
M-1388 St. James Anglican Church fonds
M-1389 St. John the Baptist Anglican Church Women's Auxiliary fonds
M-1390 St Mary Blessed virgin church
M-1391 Samson United church fonds
M-1392 St. Martin's Church fonds
M-1393 St. Martin's Church fonds file 1-3
M-1393 Elton family fonds file 4
M-1394 Scottish episcopal church
M-1395 Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus fonds
M-1396 Father Emile Tardif
M-1397 Trinity Lutheran Church fonds
M-1398 Rev. Daniel Umprheville
M-1399 Gaetz family fonds
M-1400 Shepard United Church Ladies Aid Society
M-1402 Hugh Dempsey
M-1403 George Bruchet collection
M-1405 Barber-Ellis of Canada
M-1406 William Stanley Bates fonds
M-1407 Earl of Bathurst
M-1408 Beehive Linen and Wool Shop fonds
M-1409 Derek Besant
M-1410 Bituminous Sand Extraction Company Ltd.
M-1411 Motor Car Supply Company of Canada Ltd.
M-1412 Thomas Brager fonds
M-1414 John Smith Shanks fonds
M-1415 Calgary Chamber of Commerce fonds
M-1417 Ivan Crooks fonds
M-1418 Samuel Lucas family fonds
M-1419 Gleichen Call fonds
M-1421 Gleichen Call fonds
M-1422 James H. Mills fonds
M-1423 Robert N. Harvey
M-1424 Herald Building fonds
M-1425 Hiscox West End Garage fonds
M-1426 Hurst Construction Company Ltd. fonds
M-1427 Jackson Brothers fonds
M-1430 Macleod and District Board of Trade fonds
M-1431 Wendell Maclean fonds
M-1433 Massey-Harris Company Ltd. (Calgary) fonds
M-1434 Pat Burns fonds
M-1435 Princess drug company
M-1436 Sidney Richard Reeves fonds
M-1437 Riddoch family fonds
M-1439 Toole, Peet and Company fonds
M-1440 Trotter and Morton Ltd. fonds
M-1441 W.S. Cooper Company Ltd. fonds
M-1442 West Canadian Mineral Holdings Ltd. fonds
M-1443 Western oil examiner
M-1445 Walter G. Agnew Ltd. fonds
M-1446 Motor Car Supply Company of Canada Ltd.
M-1448 Blue label bottling company
M-1449 John Brackley fonds
M-1450 Brands Shoe Repair Shop fonds
M-1451 Motor Car Supply Company of Canada Ltd.
M-1452 Calgary Artificial Limb Factory Ltd. fonds
M-1453 Campbell & Griffin LTD
M-1454 J.I. Case Company fonds
M-1455 Crown Lumber Company Ltd. fonds
M-1456 Cowdry family fonds
M-1457 Alberta Ice Company fonds
M-1459 Clarence Elder fonds
M-1460 Despins hardware
M-1461 Diamond Motor Company Ltd. fonds
M-1462 Dixon Brothers fonds
M-1463 Charles Joseph Duggan and Joseph Gau fonds
M-1464 T. Eaton
M-1466 T. Eaton
M-1467 Helgi Einarsson
M-1469 Great West Saddlery fonds
M-1470 Great West Saddlery fonds
M-1471 Great West Saddlery fonds
M-1472 John D. Higinbotham fonds
M-1473 Alton David Irvine fonds
M-1475 Lee Electric fonds
M-1476 E.L. Little & Company
M-1477 John D. McAra fonds
M-1478 MacCosham storage company
M-1479 J.B. McDougall
M-1481 Maclin Motors Ltd. fonds
M-1482 Wendell Maclean fonds
M-1483 Macleod Brothers fonds
M-1485 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-1486 Ralph Mitchelltree
M-1487 Madsen's General Retail Ltd. fonds
M-1488 Charles Lloyd Nowlin fonds
M-1490 Premier Cycle and Sports (Calgary) Ltd. fonds
M-1491 Revelstoke Companies Ltd. fonds
M-1492 Revelstoke Companies Ltd. fonds
M-1494 Mrs. O.B. Robin
M-1495 Rogers and Grant Ltd. fonds
M-1496 Saskatoon Piano Company fonds
M-1497 Mr. Henry Selvage
M-1498 Roy C. Stahl
M-1499 Stewart hatcheries
M-1500 Terrill's Flowers fonds
M-1501 Thomas Pain Furrier Ltd. fonds
M-1502 Ian Turner
M-1503 Union packing company
M-1505 Western Retail Lumbermen's Association fonds
M-1506 Williams Brothers fonds
M-1507 Winner Cap Manufacturing Company fonds
M-1508 Mrs. S.R. Woodward
M-1509 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1510 J.E.A. Macleod fonds
M-1511 Robert H. Hougham fonds
M-1512 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1513 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1514 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1515 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1517 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1518 Hudson's Bay Company (Calgary) fonds
M-1519 Hudson's Bay Company (Calgary) fonds
M-1520 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1522 Hudson's Bay company
M-1523 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1524 Alex Slaney fonds
M-1526 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1529 Traill family fonds
M-1531 Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1532 Chritchley family fonds
M-1535 John Bishop Ballem Q.C
M-1536 Colonel James H. Walker fonds
M-1537 British American coal company
M-1538 Brock Petroleums Limited fonds
M-1539 C.C. Snowdon Company Ltd. fonds
M-1540 Calgary and Edmonton Corporation Ltd. fonds
M-1541 Canadian Pacific Railway Land Settlement and Development fonds
M-1542 Calgary Power Company Ltd. fonds
M-1543 A.E. Cross family fonds
M-1545 Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd. (Calgary) fonds
M-1546 Calgary Power Company Ltd. fonds
Accession Number Collection
M-0669 Bishop Emile J. Legal
M-0670 Leland family fonds
M-0671 Patrick Lenihan fonds
M-0672 Wilbur Lepp
M-0673 Leslie family fonds
M-0674 David Edwin Lewis fonds
M-0676 Kenneth Eric Liddell fonds
M-0677 James Campbell Linton fonds
M-0678 Ellen W. Lively fonds
M-0679 Mrs. V.G. Livermore fonds
M-0680 Sam Livingston fonds
M-0681 Sam Livingston fonds
M-0682 Sam Livingston fonds
M-0683 Lloyd, Hervey family fonds
M-0684 Lloyd, Hervey family fonds
M-0686 Moores family fonds
M-0688 O.S. Longman fonds
M-0689 O.S. Longman fonds
M-0690 Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance fonds
M-0691 Bessie Longeway fonds
M-0692 Henri Gustave Joly de Lotbiniere fonds
M-0693 H. Gordon Love fonds
M-0694 Bert Lovell
M-0695 Solon E. Low fonds
M-0696 Joseph Low
M-0697 Fred Charles Lowes fonds
M-0698 Samuel Lucas family fonds
M-0699 Samuel Lucas family fonds
M-0700 Samuel Lucas family fonds
M-0701 C.C. Lumley fonds
M-0702 Jean Lamont Johnson fonds
M-0708 Alfred and Emma Lynch-Staunton fonds
M-0709 Alfred and Emma Lynch-Staunton fonds
M-0710 Edward Lyon fonds
M-0711 Roberta MacAdams Price fonds
M-0712 Hector McArthur fonds
M-0714 James Boyd McBride fonds
M-0715 H. Moreau and Alice May McCallum fonds
M-0716 Fred McCall fonds
M-0718 James McCullough fonds
M-0721 Sears family fonds
M-0723 Duncan McDonald fonds
M-0724 Jean McDonald fonds
M-0725 Winnifred MacDonnell
M-0726 Sam Livingston fonds
M-0729 George and John McDougall family fonds
M-0731 Milton Stanley McDougall
M-0734 Mrs. Lovina Jane McDougall
M-0735 McEwan family fonds
M-0736 Duncan McNab McEachran fonds
M-0737 Milton Andrew McElroy
M-0738 Elizabeth McFadden
M-0739 Charles J. McGavin
M-0740 Alexander McGibbon
M-0741 C.W. McGaw
M-0742 Harold and Emma McGill fonds
M-0743 Eric McGreer
M-0744 McHugh family fonds
M-0745 George Machon fonds
M-0746 McHugh family fonds
M-0747 John F. McInnnes
M-0748 William Dunn MacIlvoride
M-0749 John McIntyre
M-0750 Robert Mackay
M-0751 John MacKay
M-0752 Walter James Grant Mackay fonds
M-0753 William Kellock McKay fonds
M-0754 Hugh McKellar fonds
M-0756 Mrs. M.I. McKenzie
M-0757 I.V. Macklin fonds
M-0758 Mackie family fonds
M-0759 Bob and Gladys Campbell fonds
M-0760 Mackid family fonds
M-0763 J. Edwin McKibbin
M-0764 Hugh G. and Thomas T. Macklin fonds
M-0765 Hugh G. and Thomas T. Macklin fonds
M-0766 Malcolm Charles MacKinnon fonds
M-0767 Hugh G. and Thomas T. Macklin fonds
M-0768 Hugh G. and Thomas T. Macklin fonds
M-0769 Brig Gen C.H. McLaren
M-0771 Rev. John Maclean
M-0773 Jennie McLean fonds
M-0774 Ernest John MacLeod fonds
M-0775 Norrie Macleod fonds
M-0776 James F. Macleod family fonds
M-0777 George Machon fonds
M-0779 Daniel Leonard McLeod fonds
M-0780 James F. Macleod family fonds
M-0781 Col. James Farquharson Macleod
M-0782 James F. Macleod family fonds
M-0783 James F. Macleod family fonds
M-0784 Evelyn Slater McLeod fonds
M-0785 James F. Macleod family fonds
M-0786 Murdoch McLeod
M-0787 Thomas McMicking
M-0788 C.W. McMillan fonds
M-0789 Charles Rowat Macmillan fonds
M-0790 Eleanor McMurtry fonds
M-0791 Walter F. McNeill
M-0792 Curley MacPherson fonds
M-0794 Alexander Hugh McQuarrie fonds
M-0795 Stuart McRae fonds
M-0797 Roderick Alexander McRae fonds
M-0799 William S. McWilliams fonds
M-0800 Rev. Andrew MacWilliams
M-0801 Madgen family fonds
M-0802 Magnusson, Anderson family fonds
M-0803 Alex Johnston fonds
M-0804 Hugh Maguire
M-0806 Alberta Mono-Rail Company fonds
M-0807 Giovanni Mamini fonds
M-0808 George Gwynne Mann fonds
M-0809 George Gwynne Mann fonds
M-0810 Frederick William Mapson fonds
M-0811 Thomas H. Mappin
M-0812 Marcellus family fonds
M-0814 Hon. George C. Marler
M-0815 Robert and Daisy Marshall fonds
M-0816 Robert and Daisy Marshall fonds
M-0818 Martin family fonds
M-0819 Martin family fonds
M-0820 Martin family fonds
M-0822 Bob Martyn fonds
M-0823 Mrs. Elizabeth Mason
M-0825 Duncan Matheson
M-0826 Thomas H. Mather fonds
M-0827 Etta G. Mather fonds
M-0828 Edward Maunsell fonds
M-0829 Wop May fonds
M-0830 Henry Smith fonds
M-0831 William Hay Meikle fonds
M-0832 Thomas Melling fonds
M-0833 John B. Merrill fonds
M-0835 L.G. Metcalfe
M-0836 William Metzler fonds
M-0837 Etienne Michaud fonds
M-0838 General Frederick Middleton
M-0840 Layton E. Miles fonds
M-0841 Layton E. Miles fonds
M-0842 Charles F. Miles
M-0843 Miles, Hanlan family fonds
M-0845 Malcolm T. and Helen Millar fonds
M-0846 Malcolm T. and Helen Millar fonds
M-0847 Malcolm T. and Helen Millar fonds
M-0848 Rex Arlo Millar fonds
M-0849 Malcolm T. and Helen Millar fonds
M-0850 Robert Hogarth Milvain fonds
M-0851 Betty Mitchell fonds
M-0853 Paul T. Mozony
M-0854 Louis Mjolsness
M-0855 Thomas B. Moffat fonds
M-0857 John George Monilaws fonds
M-0859 Ethel Brant Monture
M-0860 Moodie family fonds
M-0861 Moodie family fonds
M-0862 Moodie family fonds
M-0863 Mrs. Norman Moon
M-0864 Jack Mooney
M-0865 Mooney family fonds
M-0866 Herbert Harrison Moore fonds
M-0868 Walter Morrish fonds
M-0869 Joseph Wesley Morrow fonds
M-0871 Fred Moses fonds
M-0872 Fred Moses fonds
M-0873 Robert Arthur Brown fonds
M-0874 Thomas Edward Mudiman fonds
M-0875 Mrs. Elise Murdock
M-0876 William Murphy fonds
M-0877 William Murphy fonds
M-0878 Alexander Hunter Murray fonds
M-0879 Alexander Hunter Murray fonds
M-0880 Frederick F. Naab fonds
M-0881 William Naftel
M-0882 Peter L. Naismith fonds
M-0883 Julien Nash fonds
M-0884 Julien Nash fonds
M-0885 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-0886 Chinook Country Historical Society fonds
M-0887 Calgary Musical Club fonds
M-0888 James and Catherine Neil fonds
M-0889 Viking Historical Society collection
M-0890 Leonard D. Nesbitt fonds
M-0892 Richard Barrington Nevitt fonds
M-0892 Richard Barrington Nevitt fonds
M-0893 Richard Barrington Nevitt fonds
M-0894 Bob Newbolt fonds
M-0896 Willliam E. Newing
M-0897 Captial John Newton
M-0898 J. Newton
M-0899 Roy Newton
M-0900 Herbert Nichols fonds
M-0901 Neil Nicholson fonds
M-0902 Neil Nicholson fonds
M-0903 Clement D.H. Nicolle
M-0904 Jimmy Nicoll fonds
M-0905 Rev. John W. Niddrie fonds
M-0906 William Nimmons fonds
M-0907 Frederick J. Niven fonds
M-0908 Bruce Nodwell
M-0909 Bruce Nodwell fonds
M-0910 Nolan family fonds
M-0911 J. Mervin Nooth
M-0912 Light family fonds
M-0913 John W. Proctor fonds
M-0914 George Notley fonds
M-0915 Charles Lloyd Nowlin fonds
M-0916 Harriet L. Nye fonds
M-0917 Henry O'Brien fonds
M-0918 William O'Connor fonds
M-0919 John Okute-sica
M-0922 Evelyn Oldridge
M-0924 John G. Oliver
M-0925 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-0926 Larose family fonds
M-0927 Wesley F. Orr fonds
M-0928 Wesley F. Orr fonds
M-0930 Overton family fonds
M-0931 Jock Palmer fonds
M-0932 Ned Palmer fonds
M-0933 Light family fonds
M-0934 William Parker fonds
M-0935 Parlby, Wilkins family fonds
M-0936 Irene and Walter Parlby fonds
M-0937 Irene and Walter Parlby fonds
M-0938 Irene and Walter Parlby fonds
M-0939 I. Vernon Parslow fonds
M-0940 James Parsons fonds
M-0941 Patrick, McPherson family fonds
M-0942 Dr. T.A. Patrick
M-0943 Patrick, McPherson family fonds
M-0944 Dingman family fonds
M-0945 George Alfred Pattison collection
M-0946 Joseph Patton fonds
M-0947 Jack Peach fonds
M-0948 Jack Peach fonds
M-0949 Jack Peach fonds
M-0950 Jack Peach fonds
M-0951 Arthur Peake
M-0952 William Pearce family fonds
M-0953 William Pearce family fonds
M-0954 William Pearce family fonds
M-0955 William Pearce family fonds
M-0956 William Pearce family fonds
M-0957 William Pearce family fonds
M-0958 William Pearce family fonds
M-0959 William Pearce family fonds
M-0960 Hugh G. Peck's United Church History collection
M-0961 Augustus Peddlesden fonds
M-0962 Charles Perkins
M-0963 C. Redvers Perry fonds
M-0964 Charles W. Peterson fonds
M-0965 Edward Phelphs
M-0966 Percy Douglas Phelps fonds
M-0967 Andy Philip's Calgary News collection
M-0968 Tiny Phillips fonds
M-0968 John Schmidt fonds
M-0970 McHugh family fonds
M-0971 Frederick R. Pike fonds
M-0972 J.H.W.S. Kemmis fonds
M-0973 J.H.W.S. Kemmis fonds
M-0973 George Zouch Pinder fonds
M-0974 Pinkham family fonds
M-0975 Pinkham family fonds
M-0976 Pinkham family fonds
M-0978 Pinkham family fonds
M-0979 Raoul Pirmez fonds
M-0980 Sir Horace Plunkett fonds
M-0981 Henry Roger Pocock fonds
M-0982 Henry Roger Pocock fonds
M-0983 Henry Roger Pocock fonds
M-0984 Rev D.M. Ponich
M-0985 Roy H. Popplewell
M-0986 Colonel James H. Walker fonds
M-0987 Porter family fonds
M-0988 Erick Andrew Portfors
M-0989 Alexander Allan family fonds
M-0991 McDougall, Potter family fonds
M-0992 Margaret Potts fonds
M-0993 James Potts
M-0994 William Alfred Pratt fonds
M-0995 Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Preston fonds
M-0996 Lloyd, Hervey family fonds
M-1000 Elizabeth Bailey Price fonds
M-1001 Roberta MacAdams Price fonds
M-1002 Elizabeth Bailey Price fonds
M-1003 Norman F. Priestley fonds
M-1004 Chinook Country Historical Society fonds
M-1005 Charles Prime fonds
M-1006 Peter Prince fonds
M-1007 Peter Prince fonds
M-1008 Frederick Pringle fonds
M-1009 James Prichard
M-1010 John W. Proctor fonds
M-1011 Lorne Proudfoot fonds
M-1012 Guy Weadick fonds
M-1013 Pansy Pue fonds
M-1014 Edmond Francis Purcell fonds
M-1016 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-1017 James Thom Rae fonds
M-1018 James Thom Rae fonds
M-1019 Charles Harvey Ralph fonds
M-1020 Margery Ramsay fonds
M-1021 Kanouse family fonds
M-1022 Rannie family fonds
M-1023 Thomas Rath fonds
M-1024 Alfred Rawlins fonds
M-1025 William Reader fonds
M-1026 Benjamin B. Readman fonds
M-1027 John A. Redman
M-1030 Ada L. and Arthur C. Kemmis fonds
M-1031 Alice and William Rendell fonds
M-1032 Victor Revillon
M-1033 Albert E. Rhodes
M-1034 Calgary Horticultural Society fonds
M-1035 Ted Riback fonds
M-1036 Cecil Rice-Jones fonds
M-1037 Cecil Rice-Jones fonds
M-1038 Agnes E. Richards fonds
M-1039 James Richards
M-1040 H.B. and H.E. Richardson fonds
M-1041 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-1042 James Wilson Richardson fonds
M-1043 Miss M.E. Richardson
M-1045 John Arnold Ridley fonds
M-1046 Louis Riel collection
M-1047 Louis Riel collection
M-1049 Thomas E. Riley fonds
M-1050 George Forbes Ritchie fonds
M-1051 George Forbes Ritchie fonds
M-1053 Peter Addison Robb fonds
M-1055 Mrs. L. Roberts
M-1056 Sarah Ellen Roberts fonds
M-1057 Fred Robertson
M-1058 Lt. Colonel P. Robertson-Ross
M-1059 R.A. Robertson
M-1060 Renn S. Robertson fonds
M-1061 George Robinson fonds
M-1062 Malcolm and Della Robson fonds
M-1063 Malcolm and Della Robson fonds
M-1065 Robson family fonds
M-1066 Robson family fonds
M-1067 Mrs. Annie Amelia Roland
M-1068 Allen Ronaghan fonds
M-1069 Allen Ronaghan fonds
M-1070 Andrew Ronney fonds
M-1071 Frank Rook
M-1072 David Ross
M-1073 John Ross
M-1074 John Rowand
M-1075 Willian Rowan fonds
M-1076 William Edwin Rowbotham fonds
M-1077 Amos Rowe
M-1078 Mrs.Lee Rowell
M-1079 J.P. Berry and Frank Gilbert Roe
M-1080 Robert Terrill Rundle fonds
M-1081 Robert Tyrell Rundle
M-1082 Robert Terrill Rundle fonds
M-1083 Robert Terrill Rundle fonds
M-1087 James and Mary Russell fonds
M-1088 Alexander Rutherford
M-1089 Ryan family fonds
M-1090 Samis family fonds
M-1091 Samis family fonds
M-1092 Lorne Sampson fonds
M-1093 Sanders family fonds
M-1094 Pete Sanderson fonds
M-1095 Frederick Leslie Sara fonds
M-1096 P.M. Sauder fonds
M-1097 Charles O. Saunders
M-1098 Margaret S. Savage fonds
M-1099 William Murdoch fonds
M-1101 Claude E. Schaeffer fonds
M-1102 E. Schmid
M-1103 James H. and Fred Schofield fonds
M-1104 James H. and Fred Schofield fonds
M-1105 James H. and Fred Schofield fonds
M-1106 Mrs. Elizabeth Schultz
M-1107 Abraham Shumiatcher fonds
M-1109 George Adam Scott fonds
M-1110 A.M. Scott fonds
M-1111 Mrs. Eliza Scott
M-1112 George William Scott fonds
Accession Number Collection
M-0001 Alex Price's Railway collection
M-0002 James Wheeler Davidson fonds
M-0006 C. Williams Adams
M-0007 Ernest and Carrie Adams fonds
M-0008 W.D. Albright fonds
M-0009 Elwin H. Allan fonds
M-0010 Hugh Allen fonds
M-0011 George W. Allen fonds
M-0012 Robert Allan fonds
M-0013 S.E.S. Allen fonds
M-0014 Henry Allergoth fonds
M-0015 John Bradley Allison fonds
M-0016 Tannis Allison fonds
M-0017 A.C. Anderson fonds
M-0018 Kristjan Fjeldsted Anderson fonds
M-0019 Kristjan Fjeldsted Anderson fonds
M-0020 Frank Wesley Anderson collection
M-0021 Henry George Anderson fonds
M-0023 Frank Andreychuk fonds
M-0024 Mike Andriaschuk fonds
M-0025 Adam Armey family fonds
M-0026 Adam Armey family fonds
M-0027 John Smith Shanks fonds
M-0028 Nye, Green family fonds
M-0029 Arthur, Kenneth fonds
M-0030 Harriet Ann Ash fonds
M-0031 Patrick H. Ashby fonds
M-0032 Patrick H. Ashby fonds
M-0033 Robert Atkin fonds
M-0034 Livingston, Atkinson, and Clink fonds
M-0035 William and Mary Attwood fonds
M-0036 Albert Lucien and Louis Augade fonds
M-0038 Simon Kristiansen Baardseth fonds
M-0039 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-0041 William Baddeley collection
M-0042 William Baddeley collection
M-0043 Fred Bagley fonds
M-0044 Fred Bagley fonds
M-0045 Mary C. Bailey fonds
M-0046 Mr. Bain
M-0047 Harry H. Baines
M-0048 J.D. Baker fonds
M-0049 A.T. Baker
M-0050 Perren Earle Baker fonds
M-0053 James and Joseph Bannerman fonds
M-0054 Cyril F.S. Barker fonds
M-0055 Soper family fonds
M-0056 T.A. Barlow
M-0057 Arthur F. Barnard fonds
M-0058 Edward Barnett fonds
M-0059 LeRoy Barnett
M-0060 Rev. George Barnley
M-0061 Margaret Ann Walsh fonds
M-0062 Bartsch family fonds
M-0063 Bartsch family fonds
M-0065 The Bashford purchase
M-0066 John Bateman fonds
M-0067 John Bateman fonds
M-0068 Dudley Edward Batchelor fonds
M-0070 Beavers family fonds
M-0071 Charles D.T. Becher fonds
M-0072 Erastus Beckner fonds
M-0073 Cecil Beeler
M-0074 Alexander Begg fonds
M-0075 Joseph Begin fonds
M-0076 Robert and Margaret Belcher fonds
M-0077 Harry Gardiner fonds (File 1)
M-0077 Daniel E. Bell fonds (File 2)
M-0078 Ernest A. Bell fonds
M-0080 Charles Napier Bell
M-0082 Margaret Bemus fonds
M-0083 Mabel E. Bonner fonds
M-0084 Ernest Watkins' R.B. Bennett Research collection
M-0085 William Pearce family fonds
M-0087 Roy and Verna Benson fonds
M-0088 Berrington family fonds
M-0089 Betts family fonds
M-0090 Bernard Big Snake fonds
M-0091 Bernard Big Snake fonds
M-0092 Mary Ellen Birtles fonds
M-0093 Lionel and Elma Bird fonds
M-0094 Lionel and Elma Bird fonds
M-0095 Richmond Perry Bird fonds
M-0096 Birney family fonds
M-0097 Max Bishop fonds
M-0098 D.E. Black fonds
M-0100 John Blackmore fonds
M-0101 George and Jane Blades fonds
M-0102 G.E. Black
M-0103 John Schmidt fonds
M-0105 Boalch family fonds
M-0106 Bodington family fonds
M-0107 Dr. J. C. Bonar
M-0108 Stanley and Molly Carscallen fonds
M-0109 Peter Turner Bone fonds
M-0110 Peter Turner Bone fonds
M-0112 William Bookless fonds
M-0113 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-0114 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-0115 Bosmans, Spokkeli, Hills family fonds
M-0116 Robert Boulton fonds
M-0117 John James Bowlen fonds
M-0118 John James Bowlen fonds
M-0119 John C.F. Bown fonds
M-0120 Alberta Boyd
M-0121 Henry and Minnie Boyd fonds
M-0122 Willet C. Boyington fonds
M-0124 Bradley family fonds
M-0125 James Brady fonds
M-0126 Stanley, Smith family fonds (files 1, 25, 26)
M-0126 Richard Bedford Bennett fonds (files 2-24)
M-0126 Hilda Brandt? (files 27-29)
M-0127 Gerald Brawn
M-0128 J.H.G. and Colin Bray fonds
M-0129 Paul and Jessie Brecken fonds
M-0131 Robert George Brett fonds
M-0132 Robert George Brett fonds
M-0133 Frederick Archibald Brewster fonds
M-0134 Mabel Brinkley fonds
M-0135 E.E. Brinson fonds
M-0136 Henry Brock fonds
M-0137 George Brodie fonds
M-0138 John Craig Brokovski fonds
M-0139 Arthur A. Brooke fonds
M-0140 Stanley Brooker fonds
M-0141 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-0142 Frank Brown fonds
M-0143 Amy Ellen Brown fonds
M-0145 J.E. Brown fonds
M-0145 Trussler family fonds
M-0146 Joseph Clarence Cosley fonds
M-0149 Samuel Bruce fonds
M-0150 Samuel Bruce fonds
M-0151 Robert Randolph Bruce fonds
M-0152 Robert Randolph Bruce fonds
M-0153 Bryan family fonds
M-0154 William Ettershank Buchanan fonds
M-0155 W. Sinclair Budd fonds
M-0156 Arthur family fonds
M-0157 Freda Graham Bundy fonds
M-0158 Albert Cecil Burdett
M-0159 Lewis Burke and John Burke fonds
M-0160 Pat Burns fonds
M-0162 W.S. Applegate fonds
M-0163 Acton Burrows
M-0164 Acton Burrows
M-0165 Lorna and Dick Burtwell fonds
M-0166 Absalom Clark Bury fonds
M-0167 Thomas Bushel
M-0170 Jack Byers fonds
M-0171 Ronald Cailes fonds
M-0172 Mary G. Cairns fonds
M-0173 Alexander Calhoun fonds
M-0174 Bartsch family fonds
M-0175 James A. Cameron fonds
M-0176 William Bleasdell Cameron fonds
M-0177 Cameron family fonds
M-0178 Duncan and Archie Campbell fonds
M-0179 Duncan Urquhard Campbell
M-0180 Sir Alexander Campbell
M-0181 Duncan and Archie Campbell fonds
M-0182 Bill Winkles fonds (File 1)
M-0182 Figarol family fonds (File 2)
M-0183 Duncan and Archie Campbell fonds
M-0184 Campbell family fonds
M-0185 James Campbell fonds
M-0186 Robert Campbell fonds
M-0187 Wyndham family fonds
M-0188 Mrs. M.J. Campbell
M-0189 Mary Victoria Campion
M-0191 Norman Henry Cape fonds
M-0193 Edward H. Carrothers fonds
M-0194 L.J. Carswell fonds
M-0195 William S. Carter fonds
M-0196 Ernest Cashel fonds
M-0197 Robert Caskie fonds
M-0198 Douglas Cass
M-0199 Laurence Blades and Harold C. Casselman fonds
M-0200 Charles Henry Cates fonds
M-0202 Overseas Petroleum Company Ltd. fonds
M-0203 Red Cathcart fonds (Files 1-49, 51-58)
M-0203 T. Flett and Son fonds (File 50)
M-0204 Charles Chaboillez
M-0205 Thomas Wellington Chalmers fonds
M-0206 J. Champness
M-0207 Albert Joseph Chartrand fonds
M-0209 William Christie
M-0210 Alexander Graham Christie fonds
M-0211 Chritchley family fonds
M-0212 Chritchley family fonds
M-0213 Chritchley family fonds
M-0214 Chritchley family fonds
M-0215 Chritchley family fonds
M-0216 Anette Christofferson fonds
M-0217 Chritchley family fonds
M-0218 Chuchla family fonds (Files 1-7, 10-11)
M-0218 William and Anna Pidruchney fonds (Files 8-9)
M-0219 George Church fonds
M-0220 David Charles Church fonds
M-0221 Hesketh Pope Lease Historical Committee collection
M-0221 Hesketh Pope Lease Historical Committee collection
M-0222 Herbert Church fonds
M-0223 Charles and Charles A. Clark family fonds
M-0224 John Clark, Jr. fonds
M-0225 John Clark, Jr. fonds
M-0226 John Clark, Jr. fonds
M-0227 H. Gordon Love fonds
M-0228 Simon John Clarke fonds
M-0229 Simon John Clarke fonds
M-0230 Wallace Clegg
M-0231 William James Cleland fonds
M-0232 Elizabeth Clipsham fonds
M-0234 Cochrane Ranche Company Ltd. fonds
M-0235 Hew Grant Cochrane fonds
M-0236 Mrs. H.N. Coddington fonds
M-0237 Curtis, Cody family fonds
M-0238 E.W. Coffin fonds
M-0239 Calgary Jewish Community Council fonds
M-0240 Murray Colcleugh
M-0241 Mina Cole fonds
M-0242 D.C. Coleman
M-0243 D.C. Coleman
M-0244 D.C. Coleman
M-0245 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-0246 D.C. Coleman
M-0247 Harry L. Collett
M-0248 Frank Collicutt fonds
M-0249 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans Association. Calgary Division fonds
M-0250 R. Collinson
M-0251 Rev. W.H. Collinson
M-0252 Frederick J. Conn fonds
M-0253 Chester J. Connaughty fonds
M-0255 Earl G. Cook fonds
M-0256 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-0257 Charles Battle family fonds (File 1)
M-0257 George Cook fonds (File 2)
M-0258 Cook family fonds
M-0259 Joseph Coombs
M-0260 George Gibson Coote fonds
M-0261 Pleamon Albert Copeman fonds
M-0263 Agnes Copithorne fonds
M-0264 Ralph C. and Kenneth R. Coppock fonds (File 1-6, V. 2)
M-0264 New Walrond Ranche Company Ltd. Fonds (V. 1)
M-0265 Ralph C. and Kenneth R. Coppock fonds
M-0266 Archdeacon Francis C. Cornish fonds
M-0267 Archdeacon Francis C. Cornish fonds
M-0268 Archdeacon Francis C. Cornish fonds
M-0270 James Cornwall fonds
M-0271 James Kennedy Cornwall fonds
M-0272 James Kennedy Cornwall fonds
M-0273 Michael C. Costello fonds
M-0274 Michael C. Costello fonds
M-0275 Ada Costigan fonds
M-0276 Bud Cotton fonds
M-0277 William Angus Cunning fonds
M-0278 Coutts family fonds
M-0279 Coutts family fonds
M-0280 Cowdry family fonds
M-0281 A.E. Cox family fonds
M-0282 John Roderick Craig
M-0284 George W. Craig fonds
M-0285 Lilly Craigie fonds
M-0286 George A. Crane fonds
M-0287 Calgary Board of Education fonds
M-0288 Frank M. Crosby fonds
M-0289 A.E. Cross family fonds
M-0290 Thomas Alfred Crowe fonds
M-0292 Seba Beach Museum collection
M-0293 Gladys Crum fonds
M-0294 Douglas Cunnington fonds
M-0295 Richard Cunniffe fonds
M-0296 Alice Marion Curtis fonds
M-0298 Fred Dankworth
M-0299 Ernest Davidge fonds
M-0300 William and Ethel Davidson fonds
M-0301 William and Ethel Davidson fonds
M-0302 William L. Davidson
M-0303 Charles Houlen Davis
M-0304 D.W. Davis family fonds
M-0305 D.W. Davis family fonds
M-0306 Sidney Walpole Davis fonds
M-0307 Bud Dawson fonds
M-0308 George Mercer
M-0309 William Dean
M-0310 Robert Dean
M-0311 Richard Burton Deane fonds
M-0312 William and Mabel Deane-Freeman fonds
M-0313 Richard Burton Deane fonds
M-0314 Laurie, DeGear family fonds
M-0316 Henry Gilbert Dell fonds
M-0317 William Dempster fonds
M-0318 Sir Cecil Denny fonds
M-0319 Dent family fonds
M-0320 Edgar Dewdney fonds
M-0321 Dibney family fonds
M-0322 Dibney family fonds
M-0323 A.A. Dick fonds
M-0326 Rita Rushworth fonds
M-0327 Mrs. G.E. Dickson
M-0328 Catherine Dickson
M-0329 Mary Dunn Dickson fonds
M-0330 Dingman family fonds
M-0333 Douglas Doherty fonds
M-0335 Christopher Storrar Donaldson fonds
M-0336 Lew A. Douglass
M-0337 James Ley Douglass fonds
M-0338 Peter H. Douglas
M-0339 A.E. Cross family fonds (File 2-6)
M-0339 James F. Macleod family fonds (File 1)
M-0340 Dowler family fonds
M-0341 George MacDonald Drinnan fonds
M-0342 George Drive
M-0343 Aubrey S. Duclos
M-0344 Cornelius Joseph Duggan
M-0345 Mrs. Eliza Ann Dunbard
M-0347 Dye family fonds
M-0348 A.R. Dyre
M-0350 Norman Eby fonds
M-0351 John L. Edlund fonds
M-0353 Bob Edwards fonds
M-0354 Bob Edwards fonds
M-0355 Edworthy, Ross family fonds
M-0356 Bob Edwards fonds
M-0357 Bob Edwards fonds
M-0358 Erle E. Eisenhauer
M-0359 Clarence Elder fonds
M-0361 Joseph Ellinson
M-0362 Frederick Elliott
M-0363 Garnet D. Ellis fonds
M-0364 Lars Peder Ericksen fonds
M-0365 Will Fairfield fonds
M-0367 Paul L. Farnalls fonds
M-0369 Noel Adair Farrow fonds
M-0372 F.M. Ferriss
M-0373 Arthur Ferland
M-0374 Duncan Finlayson
M-0375 Aileen Fish fonds
M-0376 August Oscar Fisher fonds
M-0377 Jean Blakley fonds
M-0378 Guy Flavelle
M-0380 Mabel Fleming fonds
M-0381 Frances Flint fonds
M-0382 H.H. Foote
M-0383 Max Foran fonds
M-0385 H.P. (Ted) Forsey
M-0386 Gordon A. Forster fonds
M-0387 Ralph Perrin Forster fonds
M-0388 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-0389 A.L. Fortune
M-0390 Roy L. Fowler fonds
M-0392 Guy Franks fonds
M-0393 H. Stuart French
M-0394 Moreton Frewen
M-0395 Arnold Friberg
M-0396 Sonny Fry
M-0397 Elmer G. Fullerton fonds
M-0398 Walter Fulmer fonds
M-0399 Gaetz family fonds
M-0400 Gaetz family fonds
M-0401 Gaetz family fonds
M-0402 Annie Gale fonds
M-0404 Robert E. Gard
M-0405 J. Wilfred Gardiner
M-0406 Edward Joseph Garland fonds
M-0407 Henry George family fonds
M-0408 Roy O. German fonds
M-0409 Joseph Ellwood fonds
M-0410 Charles Thomas Gilbert fonds
M-0411 Charles Thomas Gilbert fonds
M-0413 William Gillrie fonds
M-0414 Robert Gilmer
M-0416 Robert H. Giveen fonds
M-0417 James Gladstone family fonds
M-0418 John Glambeck fonds
M-0419 John Glenn
M-0420 Mrs. Hazel Hartshorn Gloster
M-0421 Gilbert and Luella Goddard fonds
M-0422 Gilbert and Luella Goddard fonds
M-0428 Philip H. Godsell fonds
M-0429 Philip H. Godsell fonds
M-0430 Philip H. Godsell fonds
M-0431 Philip H. Godsell fonds
M-0432 Philip H. Godsell fonds
M-0433 Philip H. Godsell fonds
M-0434 Henry and Marcia Goldberg fonds
M-0436 D.P. Goodall
M-0437 D.P. Goodall
M-0438 James A. Good
M-0441 Alfred and Amy Goodwin fonds
M-0442 James Henry Goodwin fonds
M-0444 Mrs. Winnie Gordon
M-0447 Mrs. Margaret Graham
M-0448 Mrs. P.M. Gramah
M-0449 Howard Graves
M-0450 Arthur G. Graves fonds
M-0451 Charles N. Gray
M-0452 Sheridan Lawrence family fonds
M-0453 Mrs. Hildred Green
M-0454 Stanley Green fonds
M-0455 O.S. Longman fonds
M-0456 Nina V. Grier
M-0457 Harold Grigg
M-0458 Donald Gunn
M-0459 Curly Gunter fonds
M-0461 John Haddin fonds
M-0463 James Hall
M-0464 John Hall fonds
M-0465 John William Hallett fonds
M-0466 H. Halifax
M-0467 J. Art Halpen
M-0468 Hamerl family fonds
M-0469 Basil G. Hamilton fonds
M-0470 Alexander Hamilton
M-0471 Ernest G. Hansell fonds
M-0472 Anton Hansen
M-0473 William Harbutt fonds
M-0474 Richard C. Hardisty fonds
M-0475 Richard C. Hardisty fonds
M-0476 Richard C. Hardisty fonds
M-0477 Richard C. Hardisty fonds
M-0479 Mrs. Alice Harker
M-0480 Herbert Maynard Hatfield fonds
M-0481 Charles Harris fonds
M-0482 Ernest Henry Harris fonds
M-0483 Ernest Henry Harris fonds
M-0484 J.D.B. Harrison
M-0485 William Harte
M-0486 Leslie J. Harvey
M-0489 Donald. H. Harvie
M-0490 Arthur Henry Harwood fonds
M-0491 Haselwood family fonds
M-0492 Mooney family fonds
M-0493 Emma Louise Hatch
M-0494 O.S. Longman fonds
M-0495 Frederick W.G. Haultain fonds
M-0496 Arthur G. Hawkins
M-0497 Charles A. Hayden fonds
M-0498 William Hayward fonds
M-0499 Samuel Hetherington fonds
M-0500 George Heaton fonds
M-0501 Mrs. Marjorie Hedstrom
M-0502 William Grafton Heeley fonds
M-0502 William Grafton Heeley fonds
M-0503 Albert and Larry Helmer fonds
M-0504 Mrs. Alexander Sinclair Henderson fonds
M-0505 Robert D. Henderson
M-0507 James Barnet Henson
M-0508 William Macaulay Herchmer fonds
M-0509 Bard B. Herigstad fonds
M-0510 John Herron
M-0511 Lloyd, Hervey family fonds
M-0512 Mathew Hewitt
M-0513 William and Ethel Davidson fonds
M-0514 William and Ethel Davidson fonds
M-0515 Joseph Hicks fonds
M-0516 Roger Hays Hicks fonds
M-0517 John D. Higinbotham fonds
M-0518 John D. Higinbotham fonds
M-0519 T.B. Higginson
M-0520 Agnes Aston Hill fonds
M-0521 John Hillman fonds
M-0522 Mildred and Leonard Hill fonds
M-0523 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-0524 Christopher Hilliard fonds
M-0525 Christopher Hilliard fonds
M-0527 Blanche and William Hobson fonds
M-0529 Samuel Robert Hodson fonds
M-0530 James Hogarth fonds
M-0531 James Hogarth fonds
M-0532 Peace River Country Research Project collection
M-0533 Talbot Hollies fonds
M-0534 Louie Hong
M-0535 Robert Hood family fonds
M-0536 Monica Hopkins fonds
M-0537 James Abel Hornby fonds
M-0538 Chritchley family fonds
M-0539 Robert H. Hougham fonds
M-0540 Theodore Howard fonds
M-0541 Slocum Howland fonds
M-0542 Joseph Howse
M-0543 Walter Huckvale fonds
M-0544 John W. Hugill fonds
M-0545 Walter Hughes
M-0546 William Roper Hull fonds
M-0547 William Roper Hull fonds
M-0548 William Roper Hull fonds
M-0549 Herbert Everett Hunt fonds
M-0550 Robert Hunt
M-0551 Robert A. Begg fonds
M-0552 George Bruce Hunter fonds
M-0553 L.G. Huntley
M-0555 Thomas Hutchins
M-0556 Renzilla Smith Aylesworth fonds
M-0558 William Hutchison fonds
M-0559 Ella Inderwick fonds
M-0562 William Innes fonds
M-0565 Thomas Wilson Ireland
M-0566 Thomas Hill Irvine fonds
M-0568 Acheson Gosford Irvine
M-0569 A.K. Isbister
M-0570 Joseph Clarence Cosley fonds
M-0572 William Jackson fonds
M-0573 Fergusson James fonds
M-0574 Norman B. James fonds
M-0576 Rundle Lodge United Church Home fonds
M-0577 Eileen Jameson fonds
M-0578 Sheilagh Jameson
M-0579 Young Women's Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-0580 John Herbert and Harriet S. Jamieson fonds
M-0581 John Herbert and Harriet S. Jamieson fonds
M-0583 Daniel O. Jantzie
M-0584 Dick Jarvis fonds
M-0585 Robert Jefferson
M-0586 John J. Jeffers fonds
M-0587 Arthur P. Jenkins
M-0588 Pinkham family fonds
M-0589 Maurice Jensen
M-0590 Mrs. George Johnson
M-0592 Edmond Lesley Johnson
M-0593 George Hope Johnston fonds
M-0594 LeRoy Johnson fonds
M-0595 Jean Lamont Johnson fonds
M-0596 Jean Lamont Johnson fonds
M-0598 Oliver H. "Rutabaga" Johnson
M-0599 Sarah Persis Johnson
M-0600 Dr. George R. Johnson
M-0602 Charles Johnston fonds
M-0603 James Johnston fonds
M-0604 Mrs. J.G. Johnston
M-0605 John Wilson Elementary School collection
M-0606 John Wilson Elementary School collection
M-0607 Jukes family fonds
M-0610 George Van Buskirk fonds
M-0611 Henri Julien
M-0612 Kanouse family fonds
M-0613 Kanouse family fonds
M-0614 Mrs. Valda Kavaner
M-0615 Frederick Kelly
M-0616 W.A. Kelly
M-0617 Miss LillianKelly
M-0618 Robert Kellaway
M-0619 Arthur Kellett
M-0620 Lillian Kelly
M-0621 Charles E. Kendrew fonds
M-0622 Donald Macbeth Kennedy fonds
M-0623 John Egan Kennedy
M-0624 Mrs. Norman Kennedy
M-0625 Mrs. Stuart Kennedy
M-0626 Perry family fonds
M-0627 Leslie Kerry fonds
M-0628 William Kerr
M-0629 Isaac Kendall Kerr fonds
M-0630 Opal B. Key fonds
M-0631 Rufus Kimpton fonds
M-0632 Andrew King
M-0633 Rudyard Kipling
M-0635 Frederick Marshall Kitchener fonds
M-0636 Wah Pee Kinew Kittiekaywinnie
M-0637 Mrs. F.L. Klein
M-0638 Richard Knight and family
M-0639 Susan and Reginald Knight fonds
M-0640 William Thomas Knights fonds
M-0642 S. Koch
M-0643 Mrs. Geroge Krans
M-0644 Christopher and Alice West fonds
M-0645 Albert Lacombe
M-0646 FrankD. Lafferty
M-0647 Gus Lambert fonds
M-0648 George Lambert
M-0649 David Lander fonds
M-0650 J. Lane
M-0651 George and Elizabeth Lane fonds
M-0652 George and Elizabeth Lane fonds
M-0653 Joseph Z. LaRocque
M-0654 Sir Harry Lauder
M-0655 Sir Harry Lauder
M-0657 Frank Laut fonds
M-0658 Mrs. Mabel Lawrence
M-0659 Lawrence family fonds
M-0660 Lawrence family fonds
M-0661 Hubert Lawrence
M-0662 Lawrence family fonds
M-0663 Lawrence family fonds
M-0664 Lawrence family fonds
M-0665 W.V. Lawrence fonds
M-0666 Denny Layzell fonds
M-0667 Elsie Leak fonds
M-0668 J. Douglas Leechman fonds
Accession Number Collection
M-6556 George Whitlock fonds
M-6557 Canadian Credit Institute. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-6558 Glenmore Conservative Constituency Association fonds
M-6559 Hugh G. Peck's United Church History collection
M-6560 Central United Church fonds
M-6561 Calgary Foreman's Club fonds
M-6562 Donald B. Smith fonds
M-6566 Hotel Wales fonds
M-6567 Handicapped Savings and Credit Union Ltd. fonds
M-6568 Conrad Olai Hage fonds
M-6569 William G. Morrow fonds
M-6571 Boose family fonds
M-6571 Boose family fonds
M-6572 Mr and Mrs. Ronald Jones (see index card)
M-6573 Curtis, Cody family fonds
M-6574 Henry J. Duff (see index card)
M-6575 Winnipeg Silver plate company (see index card)
M-6576 N.R. Crump (see index card)
M-6577 Col. J.T. Thompson (see index card)
M-6578 Donald B. Smith fonds
M-6580 Walter H. James fonds
M-6583 Dawson family fonds
M-6584 Cowdry family fonds
M-6586 Braemar Lodge Hotel fonds
M-6588 Lea Nicoll Kramer (see index card)
M-6590 R.B. Shepard (see index card)
M-6591 Boy Scouts of Canada (see index card)
M-6592 Eliot's Store fonds
M-6592 Pascoe Restaurants Ltd. fonds
M-6592 Harry's News and Tobacco Shop fonds
M-6593 T.L. Gillespie (see index card)
M-6595 Canadian consolidated oils (see index card)
M-6596 Molson's banks (see index card)
M-6597 Grand trunk pacific railway (see index card)
M-6598 Cushing Family Businesses fonds
M-6599 Heritage park society (see index card)
M-6600 P.M. Dewar (see index card)
M-6603 H.A. Reid (see index card)
M-6604 Doug N. Grant fonds
M-6605 Philip C. Keeley fonds
M-6608 Joseph J. Carscadden fonds
M-6610 D.C. Coleman (see index card)
M-6611 Thomas James Hodson (see index card)
M-6612 Calgary Motel Association fonds
M-6613 United Citizens' Association fonds
M-6615 Hamerl family fonds
M-6624 Inslee B. Greene (see index card)
M-6625 Canadian historical association (see index card)
M-6626 Dave Eagleson fonds
M-6627 Elizabeth Clipsham fonds
M-6628 T.K. Kilpatrick fonds
M-6629 Calgary ladies field hockey (see index card)
M-6630 Alexandra Hotel fonds
M-6631 Sheilagh S. Jameson and Nola B. Erickson Chautauqua collection
M-6632 Bertram F. Souch fonds
M-6633 Royal Australian airforce (see index card)
M-6634 United Way of Calgary fonds
M-6635 Alberta Theatre Projects fonds
M-6636 Canadian Ladies' Golf Association. Alberta Branch fonds
M-6637 Linda Mary Marsden (see index card)
M-6638 Calgary Women's Literary Club fonds
M-6639 Alex Johnston fonds
M-6640 McCormick family fonds
M-6641 Boy Scouts of Canada (see index card)
M-6643 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-6644 Duncan MacCononchie (see index card)
M-6645 Floyd Clark (see index card)
M-6646 W.J.C. Kirby fonds
M-6648 Collectors corner (see index card)
M-6649 John Glambeck fonds
M-6651 Martin Winning fonds (index card says Boy Scouts)
M-6654 Knox united church (see index card)
M-6655 Canada Club of Calgary fonds
M-6656 Crescent Heights Community Association fonds
M-6657 Alfred and Clara Causley fonds
M-6659 Harold Christian Scheer fonds
M-6660 High River Agricultural Society fonds
M-6661 Hal T. Lyne fonds
M-6663 Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus fonds
M-6664 Glenbow Memorabilia (index card says CPR)
M-6665 W.F. Salsbury (see index card)
M-6667 Worker's educational assn (see index card)
M-6668 Royal Arch Masons. Grand Chapter of Alberta fonds
M-6669 Beatty family
M-6670 James Abel Hornby fonds
M-6671 Pacific western airlines (see index card)
M-6672 Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare fonds
M-6675 Jewish Historical Committee of Calgary collection
M-6677 Nature Calgary fonds
M-6678 Western Irrigation District fonds
M-6680 Hugh McLachlan (see index card)
M-6681 Dave and Ester Klaiman (see index card)
M-6682 Stephen Avenue Mall Alliance fonds
M-6683 Calgary Eco-Centre Society fonds
M-6684 West Canadian Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-6685 Western Canada College fonds
M-6686 Joy Duncan's Frontier Nursing Project
M-6690 J.P.J. Jephson fonds
M-6691 Canadian Micrographics Society. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-6694 John Giffen fonds
M-6696 Patricia Stansfield fonds
M-6697 Norman F. Priestley fonds
M-6698 Lewis Burke and John Burke fonds
M-6699 Thomas Cassidy (see index card)
M-6701 Ralph William McKenzie fonds
M-6702 Alberta Women's Liberal Association fonds
M-6703 Alberta Aberdeen Angus Association fonds
M-6704 Kong family fonds
M-6706 James Abel Hornby fonds
M-6707 Ruth I. Solomon (see index card)
M-6708 James Quinn (see index card)
M-6709 Roy Everett Boss fonds
M-6714 Elidio Mascherin (see index card)
M-6715 Canadian pacific railway (see index card)
M-6716 Marjorie Cheff Manery (see index card)
M-6718 College of Alberta School Superintendents fonds
M-6719 William Shaw (see index card)
M-6722 Jack Pettinger (see index card)
M-6725 Peter Turner Bone fonds
M-6726 Sir James Hector (see index card)
M-6727 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-6729 Alexander Bryden fonds
M-6731 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-6733 Canada. Army
M-6734 Allan McDonald fonds
M-6735 Calgary Herald fonds
M-6736 Canadian Labour Congress. Calgary Office fonds
M-6738 no index card (Langdon and Shepherd on file)
M-6739 Kenneth Joubert (see index card)
M-6740 Canadian Oil and Refinery Company Ltd. fonds
M-6743 Ross Ellis fonds
M-6744 Susan Reid (see index card)
M-6745 John Schmidt fonds
M-6746 Tallman family
M-6747 Ellen Almeda Ott (see index card)
M-6749 Donald William Purnell (see index card)
M-6750 A.J. Dalgleish (see index card)
M-6751 Howard B. Macdonald fonds
M-6752 George and Norma Piper Pocaterra fonds
M-6753 Loys Lillian Pettit (see index card)
M-6754 William Doheny
M-6755 Robert Hood family fonds
M-6756 Herbert Sawley and Myrle Mugleston fonds
M-6758 The de la Vergne Company Ltd. fonds
M-6759 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-6760 Robert Brown fonds
M-6762 Ellen Stone (see index card)
M-6763 Boy Scouts of Canada (see index card)
M-6764 Lubicon Lake Cree Research collection
M-6765 Elaine and Dorothie Dudley Smith fonds
M-6766 Bakers, confectionary & tobacco workers international union (see index card)
M-6767 Mark Morgan (see index card)
M-6768 Dudley Edward Batchelor fonds
M-6769 Rees Carlyle Hugh fonds
M-6771 Conrich Mutual Telephone Company fonds
M-6771 Rockyview School Division No. 41 fonds
M-6773 Canadian pacific railway (see index card)
M-6774 James Elliot fonds
M-6776 Alberta Aberdeen Angus Association fonds
M-6777 Mr and Mrs Carrol Baptiste (see index card)
M-6781 Boy Scouts of Canada (see index card)
M-6782 Property Owners Association of Calgary fonds
M-6783 White pass and yukon railway (see index card)
M-6784 Paul L. Farnalls fonds
M-6785 Carbondale Coals Ltd. fonds
M-6786 Ford Highwood Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-6787 Raven Oils Ltd. fonds
M-6788 Pacific Oil and Refinery of Alberta Ltd. fonds
M-6789 Highland Oil Company Ltd. fonds
M-6790 Bill Niven fonds
M-6791 Construction and General Workers Union. Local 1111 fonds
M-6792 United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada. Local 496 fonds