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Accession No.: 399/87.6


FILE TITLE                            DATE          BOX/FILE
Correspondence between K.          1954-1983           1.1
Bissell and various musicians,
officials of CBC, the Ontario
Arts Council and the Canada
Council, educators, friends and
others regarding commissions
for various pieces of music,
work on various committees and
as a judge and adjudicator.
Also includes general fan mail
and manuscript of a short
article by K. Bissell entitled
The Composer and the Church
written for Music Ministry
Correspondence between K.          1957-1976           1.2
Bissell and various
representatives of the Waterloo
Music Company Limited regarding
the publication of many K.
Bissell works including Singing
and Playing, Let's Sing and
Play, Song for Fine Weather and
Four Songs for High Voice and
Correspondence between K.          1977-1984           1.3
Bissell and various
representatives of the Waterloo
Music Company Limited regarding
the publication of various K.
Bissell works including Let's
Sing and Play, Carols for
Singing and Playing, Songs for
Singing and Playing, Singing
and Playing for Primary Grades
Correspondence between K.          1967-1983           1.4
Bissell and representatives of
Gordon V. Thompson Limited,
chiefly John C. Bird, regarding
the publication of various K.
Bissell works
Correspondence between K.            n.d.,             1.5
Bissell and representatives of     1962-1984
various organizations including
the Centennial commission,
C.B.C., the Canada Council, the
Chamber Players of Ontario, the
United Church of Canada and
various symphony orchestras
regarding the commission of new
K. Bissell works and permission
to use others including choral
and organ works and folk songs.
Includes contracts and formal
Correspondence between K.          1959-1982           1.6
Bissell and representatives of
various music publishers
including Frederick Harris
Music Co. Limited, Southern
Music Publishing Co., (Canada)
Ltd., Boosey and Hawkes
(Canada) Ltd., Western Canada
Music Company, E.C. Kerby Ltd.,
and Berandol Music Limited
regarding the publication of
and rights to various K.
Bissell works
Correspondence between K.          1962-1977           1.7
Bissell and Charles Peaker,
Carol Orff, Gunild Keetman, R.
Murray Schafer and Murray
Adaskin about music generally
and various K. Bissell and R.M.
Schafer works. Several letters
are in German. Includes text of
a talk on music education given
by Murray Adaskin to
Saskatchewan Music Educators
Newsclippings and programs         1953-1985           1.8
relating to concerts by various
groups featuring works by K.
Bissell. Includes program for
tribute concert marking the
retirement of K. Bissell, June
1, 1976
Drafts, sketches, notes for           n.d.             1.9
Great Little One (Christmas
Cantata - chor & orch)
Drafts, sketches, notes for The       n.d.            1.10
Lord Will Come (Advent Cantata
- Org., brass, timp., Chor.)
The Passion According to Saint        1971            1.11
Luke for choirs, soloists,
organ and orchestra. (Numbered
copy with corrections) Includes
two letters to K.B. from
Charles Peaker (undated) and a
letter to K.B. from Florence
Gilmore (April 15, 1971)
commenting on The Passion. Also
includes a program for the Good
Friday presentation of The
Passion at St. Paul's Church,
Drafts, sketches, notes for The       n.d.             2.1
Miraculous Turnip (Opera for
young singers, orch.)
Drafts, sketches, notes for           1981             2.2
Remember Well (Music for Good
Friday for chorus and
orchestra), December 15, 1981
Drafts, sketches, notes for So        n.d.             2.3
Little Time (Chor., Strings -
solo viola)
Drafts, sketches, notes for           1980             2.4
String Quartet. Includes
typescript of poem I sing of
Brooks by Robert Herrick,
November, 1980
Drafts, sketches, notes for           n.d.             2.5
Death, Be Not Proud (Chor.,
harp, organ, piano, percussion)
Text of article on The                n.d.             2.6
Competitive Music Festival and
False Values (carbon copy)
Texts of several addresses            1966             2.6
given at the Ontario Music
Conference, Couchiching,
including address on Music
Education in Elementary Schools
by K.B., April, 1966
-  typescript (mimeograph)
Text of tribute to K. Bissell         1976             2.6
given by Charles Peaker at the
concert on the occasion of
K.B.'s retirement, June 1, 1976
-  holograph (photocopy)
Drafts of:                                             2.7
Miss Brevis                        1983
Advent Prelude                     1974
A Song of Longing                  n.d.
At the Round Earth's               n.d.
Imagined Corners                     
Lord Thou Hast Been Our            n.d.
Dwelling Place                      
Fugue for Organ                    n.d.
Little Suite for Horn in F         n.d.
& Piano                             
Suite for Trombone and Piano       n.d.
W.W. Quintet                       n.d.
Andante and Allegro (for solo         1976             2.8
oboe and string orch.)
Canon masters of score and
transp. of parts
Dover Beach (for S.A.T.B.             1980             2.9
Quartet and Piano)
Poems by Matthew Arnold
Canon masters of score
A Canadian Folk Song Suite (for       1976            2.10
Treble Voices and Piano).
Written for Ned Hanson and his
Toronto Boys Choir
Canon master of score
I Remember, I Remember (for           1984            2.11
S.A.T.B. Chorus, solo vocal and
piano). Masters of full score
and Piano - vocal score. Words
by Thomas Hood
Two duets for mezzo-soprano,          1980            2.12
bass and piano. On poems by
Robert Herrick
1. To Music
2. Gather ye rosebuds while ye
Canon masters of score
Theme, Variation, and Epilogue        1975            2.13
for chorus, strings and viola
solo. Commissioned by Carl B.
Mathis for his University of
Prince Edward Island Chamber
Chorus on a grant from Canada
Canon masters of score
Suite for Brass Quintet               1977            2.14
Masters of score
String Quartet                        1981            2.15
Canon masters of score
Sonata No. 3 for Organ                1977            2.16
Canon masters of score
Suite pour bassoon solo,              1977            2.17
quatuor a cordes et percussion
Cannon masters of score
(photocopy) (timbales, tambour,
xylophone, bloc de bois, tam
Anniversary Cantata (for Chorus       1978            2.18
and Orchestra) Text from Psalm
Masters of score
Remember Well Music for Good          1981            2.19
Friday for mixed chorus and
Manuscript of score
Death Be Not Proud for Chorus,        n.d.            2.20
harp, organ, piano, timpani,
percussion, xylophone, glock,
tam tam, W.B., S.D., tambour)
Text by John Donne
Great Little One Music for the        n.d.            2.21
Canon masters of score
Famous men (in praise of) for                         2.22
Chorus, Soprano Solo, Organ,
Brass Quintet, and String)
Canon masters of score; transp.
of choral score and
instrumental parts
A Celebration of the Nativity         1978            2.23
(for S.A.T.B. Chorus, soprano
and baritone soloist and
chamber orchestra). For the
Georgian Bay Community Choir
Canon masters of score
In Praise of Music (for large         1980            2.24
mixed chorus, small mixed
chorus, S.S.A. Chorus, Orff
Ensemble, Orchestra, Brass
Choir. Commissioned by the
Music Department, Scarborough
Board of Education
Canon masters of score
Suite for Winds (flute,               1978            2.25
clarinet, 2 trumpets, trombone)
Masters of score
God's Grandeur (for Chorus and        1975            2.26
orchestra) Text by Gerard
Manely Hopkins
Cantate Domino (for treble            1977             3.1
voices and chamber orchestra)
Text: Psalm 98
Canon masters of score
The Miraculous Turnip: an opera     1980(?)            3.2
for young singers (treble
Adapted from a story by
Brothers Grimm
Masters of piano-vocal score
The Miraculous Turnip: an opera       1980             3.3
for young singers (treble
voices) and orchestra
Text adapted from a story by
The Brothers Grimm
Canon masters of full score
Great Little One: Music for the       1983             3.4
Masters of choral score
Miscellaneous labels - no             n.d.             3.5
corresponding scores