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H.W.R McMillan Projects

 Building Project Number Accession Number
  725 Eighth Avenue South West MMI 6112 16A/77.64
  1301 Prospect Avenue Building MMI 6400.02 16A/77.64
  A1 Cabinet Shop MMI 6324 16A/77.64
  Aberdeen Apartment Building MMI 6322 16A/77.64
  Ackland's Ltd. Office and Warehouse Building MMI 6116 16A/77.64
  Ackland's Ltd. Sales Office and Warehouse MMI 6215 16A/77.64
  Ackland's Ltd. Warehouse and Office Building MMI 6117 16A/77.64
  Alberta Trailer Co. Ltd. MMI 6100.7 16A/77.64
  Alsip Residence MMI 6227 16A/77.64
  Bachelor Apartments MMI 6029 16A/77.64
  Baker Residence MMI 55B24 16A/77.64
  Baldwin Residence MMI 6000.11 16A/77.64
  Baldwin Residence MMI 6100.04 16A/77.64
  Barclay's Ltd. Calgary MMI 6126 16A/77.64
  Beames Residence MMI 6315 16A/77.64
  Belzberg Curling Rink MMI 6021 16A/77.64
  Boy Scouts of Canada Calgary Regional Headquarters Building MMI 6328 16A/77.64
  Braemer Homes Division MMI 6122 16A/77.64
  British American Oil Co. Ltd. Service Station MMI 6235 16A/77.64
  Brittania Church MMI 6013 16A/77.64
  Brown Residence MMI 56B75 16A/77.64
  Butler Building MMI 6023 16A/77.64
  Calgary Commercial Development MMI 6223 16A/77.64
  Calgary Commercial Development MMI 6300.08 16A/77.64
  Calgary Commercial Development MMI 6300.09 16A/77.64
  Calgary Herald Building MMI 6110 16A/77.64
  Calgary Herald Building MMI 6111 16A/77.64
  Calgary Herald Building MMI 6311 16A/77.64
  Calgary Herald Building MMI 6411 16A/77.64
  Campbell Residence MMI 6326 16A/77.64
  Camrose Hospital MMI 6300.03 16A/77.64
  Canada Permanent Trust Building MMI 6320 16A/77.64
  Canadian Survey & Supplies Ltd. Shop Building MMI 6121 16A/77.64
  Carlton Cleaning Carousel MMI 6127A 16A/77.64
  Carlton Cleaning Carousel MMI 6127B 16A/77.64
  Carlton Cleaning Carousel MMI 6127C 16A/77.64
  Carlton Cleaning Carousel MMI 6127CD 16A/77.64
  Carlton Cleaning Carousel MMI 6127C[E] 16A/77.64
  Carlton Cleaning Carousel MMI 6201 16A/77.64
  Carlton Cleaning Carousel MMI 6202 16A/77.64
  Caro Holdings Ltd. MMI 6239 16A/77.64
  Carroll Residence MMI 6019 16A/77.64
  Chauvin School MMI 6323 16A/77.64
  CHCT-TV MMI 6024 16A/77.64
  Chiropractic Arts Clinic MMI 6016 16A/77.64
  Clearwater Ranch Ltd. Lodge Building MMI 6200.05 16A/77.64
  Coachman Store MMI 6219 16A/77.64
  College Shop MMI 6238 16A/77.64
  Continental Management Ltd. Office Building MMI 6012 16A/77.64
  Coote Residence MMI 6413 16A/77.64
  Cruikshank Ladies Shoe Store MMI 6200.04 16A/77.64
  Cutler Residence MMI 6125 16A/77.64
  Dawson Residence MMI 64132 16A/77.64
  Dawson Summer Cottage MMI 6000.04 16A/77.64
  Denoon Residence MMI 6000.12 16A/77.64
  Dower Residence MMI 62102 16A/77.64
  Dunkley Residence MMI 6000.13 16A/77.64
  E. T. Marshall Co. Ltd. Truck MMI 6200.03 16A/77.64
  Ediger Residence MMI 6100.01 16A/77.64
  Ediger Residence MMI 6200.07 16A/77.64
  Eighty-sixth Avenue and MacLeod Trail S.E. Shopping Centre MMI 6223 16A/77.64
  Empress Hotel MMI 6220 16A/77.64
  Engineered Homes MMI 6122 16A/77.64
  Esterhazy Warehouse MMI 6400.04 16A/77.64
  Executive Tarvel Ltd. MMI 6000.07 16A/77.64
  Fitzpatrick Building MMI 6100.2 16A/77.64
  Fitzpatrick Building MMI 6200.02 16A/77.64
  Fitzpatrick Building MMI 6224 16A/77.64
  Four Hundred Club MMI 6231 16A/77.64
  French Residence MMI 55F72 16A/77.64
  French Residence MMI 6100.3 16A/77.64
  Furniture Showroom MMI 63106 16A/77.64
  Gaetz-Cornett Building MMI 6015 16A/77.64
  Gaetz-Cornett Drug Book Co. Ltd. Store MMI 6114 16A/77.64
  Galbraith Residence MMI 6236 16A/77.64
  General Bakeries Ltd. Plant MMI 6025 16A/77.64
  Giles Residence MMI 6120 16A/77.64
  Giles Residence MMI 6227 16A/77.64
  Glenmore Skating Arena MMI 6233 16A/77.64
  Godder Bros. Funeral Home MMI 6017 16A/77.64
  Gossett & Sons Transport Ltd. Truck Terminal MMI 6128 16A/77.64
  Granite Holdings of Canada Ltd. Senior Citizens' Residence MMI 6318 16A/77.64
  Grinnell Co. of Canada Ltd. MMI 6314 16A/77.64
  Haddington Hall MMI 6234 16A/77.64
  Haddington Hall Homes MMI 6212 16A/77.64
  Harper's Tire Service Ltd. Service Building MMI 6026 16A/77.64
  Healy Creek Access Road MMI 6200.12 16A/77.64
  Hebenton Residence MMI 6118 16A/77.64
  Hull Block MMI 6321 16A/77.64
  Humphreys Residence MMI 6225 16A/77.64
  I.G.A. Shopping Centre Dairy Queen Building MMI 6300.10 16A/77.64
  Import Shop MMI 59I55 16A/77.64
  Irving Residence MMI 6115 16A/77.64
  Irving Residence MMI 6400.03 16A/77.64
  Jeffries Cottage MMI 6000.06 16A/77.64
  Jeffries Cottage MMI 6027 16A/77.64
  Johns Residence MMI 53J62 16A/77.64
  Kendall Residence MMI 6228 16A/77.64
  Kensington Baptist Church MMI 63105 16A/77.64
  Kingsway Transport Ltd. Meridian Industrial Estate MMI 6216 16A/77.64
  Knox Presbyterian Church MMI 6011 16A/77.64
  Kowalik Apartment Block MMI 6417 16A/77.64
  Lethbridge Maintenance Centre MMI 16A/77.64
  Leyden's Funeral Home Ltd. MMI 6325 16A/77.64
  Lim Duplex Apartment MMI 6226 16A/77.64
  Little League Baseball Diamond MMI 6200.11 16A/77.64
  Lynch-Staunton Guest Cabin Antelope Ranch MMI 6200.1 16A/77.64
  MacArthur Residence MMI 6124 16A/77.64
  MacKenzie Residence MMI 6000.1 16A/77.64
  MacKenzie Residence MMI 6000.2 16A/77.64
  Maclin Service Department and Office Building MMI 6000.08 16A/77.64
  Manz Residence MMI 6100.05 16A/77.64
  Mc & Mc Trading Co. Ltd. Warehouse MMI 6217 16A/77.64
  McMahon Residence MMI 6000.03 16A/77.64
  McMillan Residence MMI 6300.01 16A/77.64
  McMullan Residence MMI 6100.06 16A/77.64
  McQueen Residence Rose Residence MMI 6221 16A/77.64
  McVeigh Residence MMI 6000.15 16A/77.64
  Mechanical Pin Re-Setter Co. Ltd. Apartment Building MMI 6129 16A/77.64
  Mechanical Pin Resetter Co. Ltd. Apartment Block Franklin House MMI 6113 16A/77.64
  Mid West Trailer Sales Ltd. Office and Shop Building MMI 6200.08 16A/77.64
  North Calgary Arena MMI 6241 16A/77.64
  North Haven Elementary School MMI 6329 16A/77.64
  Northmount Baptist Church MMI 6319 16A/77.64
  Otto Developments Ltd. Motor Hotel MMI 6312 16A/77.64
  Paramount Theatre Building MMI 6214 16A/77.64
  Peacock Residence MMI 6123 16A/77.64
  Peerless Motor Products Ltd. Parking Layouts MMI 6416 16A/77.64
  Pepper Residence MMI 56P35 16A/77.64
  Pullar Residence MMI 6119 16A/77.64
  Ranchmans Club Property MMI 00R25 16A/77.64
  Red Deer Advocate Building MMI 6014 16A/77.64
  Red Deer Plaza MMI 6137 16A/77.64
  Red Deer Plaza MMI 6211 16A/77.64
  Red Deer Plaza Shopping Centre MMI 6235 16A/77.64
  Red Deer Plaza Shopping Centre MMI 6243 16A/77.64
  Regina City Hall MMI 6316 16A/77.64
  Richfield Real Estate Curling Rink MMI 6300.12 16A/77.64
  Riverview United Church MMI 6013 16A/77.64
  Robison Residence MMI 6317 16A/77.64
  Rose Residence MMI 6018 16A/77.64
  Russell Sporting Goods MMI 6300.02 16A/77.64
  Safety Supply Co. Store & Office Building MMI 6200.06 16A/77.64
  Sanburn Residence MMI 6200.09 16A/77.64
  Shaw G.M.C. Limited Truck Centre MMI 6229 16A/77.64
  Sheridan Shopping Centre MMI 6300.07 16A/77.64
  Sixteenth Avenue and Sixteenth Street N.W. Shopping Centre MMI 6223 16A/77.64
  Slutker Building MMI 6400.01 16A/77.64
  Smith Residence MMI 6327 16A/77.64
  Southwood Shopping Centre MMI 6223 16A/77.64
  St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church MMI 6020 16A/77.64
  St. Mary's Convent MMI 6000.10 16A/77.64
  Standard Chemical Ltd. Shop Building MMI 6300.04 16A/77.64
  Sun Fruit Co. Warehouse MMI 6300.05 16A/77.64
  T. H. Peacock Ltd. Warehouse and Office Building MMI 6000.09 16A/77.64
  Templeton's Ltd. Dry Cleaners MMI 6023 16A/77.64
  Toronto Dominion Bank MMI 6200.10 16A/77.64
  Toronto Dominion Bank Building MMI 6218 16A/77.64
  Toronto Dominion Bank MMI 6237 16A/77.64
  Toronto General Trusts Corp. Office Building MMI 6320 16A/77.64
  Unidentified Building MMI 00A1 16A/77.64
  Unidentified Shopping Centre MMI 6223 16A/77.64
  University of Alberta MMI 6300.06 16A/77.64
  University of Saskatchewan Thorvaldson Building MMI 6204 16A/77.64
  Voyager Inn MMI 6312 16A/77.64
  Waisman Ross McMillan & Association Office MMI 6001 16A/77.64
  Wapta Lodge MMI 6240 16A/77.64
  Wapta Lodge MMI 6414 16A/77.64
  Waskasoo Apartments MMI 63101 16A/77.64
  Western Factors Ltd. Haddington Hall Homes Division Single Residences MMI 6122 16A/77.64
  Western Factors Ltd. Single Residences MMI 6130 16A/77.64
  Western Rock Bit Co. Ltd. Plant MMI 00W37 16A/77.64
  Westgate Mall MMI 6213 16A/77.64
  Westmount Investments Ltd. Commercial Building MMI 6300.11 16A/77.64
  Y.W.C.A. Camp Kinnaird MMI 6000.14 16A/77.64