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Raymond Affleck Projects


 Building Project Number Accession Number
  Affleck Residence AFF 00A52 15A/77.62
  Affleck Residence AFF 178 15A/77.62
  Affleck Residence AFF 00A33 183A/84.04
  Al Ain Airport Competition AFF 82A42 183A/84.04
  Anber Residence AFF 119 15A/77.62
  Apartment house AFF 655 15A/77.62
  Armstrong Residence AFF 00A74 183A/84.04
  Bankers' Hall AFF 80B25 183A/84.04
  Bauer Residence AFF 121 15A/77.62
  Beatty Residence AFF 125 15A/77.62
  Bedard Residence AFF 74-914 15A/77.62
  Bergeron Bungalow AFF 115 15A/77.62
  Bergeron Cottage AFF 113 15A/77.62
  Bergeron Residence AFF 126 15A/77.62
  Bews Residence AFF 136 15A/77.62
  Boucher Garage AFF 143 15A/77.62
  Bourgault Duplex AFF 118 15A/77.62
  Boyd Residence AFF 145(A) 15A/77.62
  Boyd Residence AFF 925 15A/77.62
  Brett Residence AFF 123 15A/77.62
  Brissette Residence ? Siporex House AFF 138 15A/77.62
  Brossard Elementary School AFF 79B75 183A/84.04
  Busby Residence AFF 100 15A/77.62
  Bussiere Residence AFF 171 15A/77.62
  Campbell Residence AFF 909 15A/77.62
  City of Dorval. Park Facilities AFF 179 15A/77.62
  Clark Residence AFF 155 15A/77.62
  Clerk Residence AFF 135 15A/77.62
  Connolly Residence AFF 120 15A/77.62
  Consolidated Construction. Apartment Building AFF 157 15A/77.62
  Consolidated Construction, Apartment House AFF 145 15A/77.62
  Consolidated Construction, Apartment House AFF 146(A&B) 15A/77.62
  Consolidated Construction, Apartment House AFF 147 15A/77.62
  Cote Residence AFF 167 15A/77.62
  Courtland Park AFF 165 15A/77.62
  Courtland Park AFF 187 15A/77.62
  Cowan Residence AFF 116 15A/77.62
  Davidson Residence and Servants Quarters AFF 902 15A/77.62
  Devonshire School AFF 69D48 15A/77.62
  Devoos Residence AFF 173 15A/77.62
  Dominion Douglas United Church AFF 185 15A/77.62
  Dorval Airport Study AFF 83D66 183A/84.04
  Fisch Residence AFF 912 15A/77.62
  Gould Residence AFF 190 15A/77.62
  Gregory Residence AFF 152(A) 15A/77.62
  Halifax Hilton Hotel AFF 83H24 183A/84.04
  Hancock Residence AFF 191 15A/77.62
  Hancock Residence AFF 197 15A/77.62
  Hancock Residence AFF 908 15A/77.62
  Hand Ranch House AFF 55H34 15A/77.62
  Harmony Houses AFF 180 15A/77.62
  Hart Motors AFF 142 15A/77.62
  Hodgson Residence AFF 163 15A/77.62
  Hotel Mont Cascades, Quebec AFF 80M65 183A/84.04
  Hoy Residence AFF 903 15A/77.62
  I.B.M. Building AFF 80I57 183A/84.04
  J. Serentino Construction. Industrial Building AFF 151 15A/77.62
  Jacobs Residence AFF 148 15A/77.62
  Johnson Residence AFF 104 15A/77.62
  Johnson Residence AFF 182 15A/77.62
  Klassen Residence AFF 100(A) 15A/77.62
  Kohl Residence AFF 141 15A/77.62
  Lakeshore Homes Ltd. AFF 103 15A/77.62
  Lakeshore Homes Ltd., Residential Subdivision AFF 128 15A/77.62
  Lalonde [Residence] AFF 209 15A/77.62
  Lamontagne Residence AFF 111 15A/77.62
  Layton Residence AFF 160 15A/77.62
  Lloyd-Smith Residence AFF 918 15A/77.62
  Maison Alcan AFF 80M27 183A/84.04
  Market Square AFF 76M26 183A/84.04
  Meade Residence AFF 72M42 15A/77.62
  Merida Farms Ltd. AFF 107 15A/77.62
  Miscellaneous sketches AFF 00A31 183A/84.04
  Montreal Association for the Blind. Housing Project AFF 152 15A/77.62
  Mount Royal Hotel AFF 81M67 183A/84.04
  National Gallery Competition AFF 32A/78.12
  New Town Proposal, N.E Alberta AFF 81N38 183A/84.04
  Ornstein Residence AFF 919 15A/77.62
  Oromocto Neighbourhood Shopping Centre AFF 170 15A/77.62
  Oromocto Shopping Centre Permanent Married Quarters, Neighbourhood AFF 140 15A/77.62
  Palais des Congres Competition AFF 80P24 183A/84.04
  Paquin Residence AFF 73P343 15A/77.62
  Permaply AFF 122 15A/77.62
  Phillips Residence AFF 196 15A/77.62
  Ray Affleck's Doodles AFF 80A32 183A/84.04
  Regina Railway Relocation Study AFF 82R33 183A/84.04
  Roche Residence AFF 157(A) 15A/77.62
  Saint John Aquatic Centre Competition AFF 82S23 183A/84.04
  Schecter Cottage AFF 108 15A/77.62
  Serena Hotel Study AFF 00S36 183A/84.04
  Shecter Residence AFF 131 15A/77.62
  Sherman Residence AFF 162 15A/77.62
  Solomon Residence AFF 80S64 183A/84.04
  Sparling Residence AFF 916 15A/77.62
  St. George's Place AFF 56W46 15A/77.62
  Stead Residence AFF 158 15A/77.62
  Summerside Golf Club AFF 80S94 183A/84.04
  Sura Residence AFF 900 15A/77.62
  Trozzi Residence AFF 139 15A/77.62
  Turner Residence AFF 186 15A/77.62
  Union Nationale Francaise AFF 168 15A/77.62
  Vistarchi Restaurant AFF 521 15A/77.62
  Wallace Residence AFF 106 15A/77.62
  Wallace Residence Wallace Summer Home AFF 164 15A/77.62
  Watson Residence AFF 159 15A/77.62
  Westley-Bird Residence AFF 83W37 183A/84.04
  White Residence AFF 144 15A/77.62
  Wiseman Residence AFF 102 15A/77.62
  Wolff Garage AFF 134 15A/77.62