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71 poems by 17 Canadian poets

Submitted by justin.anders on Fri, 10/03/2014 - 11:29am


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Item is bound volume of poems by Alden Nowlan,William A. Bauer, Robert Gibbs, Fred Cogswell, Marc Plourde,Douglas Barbour, Margaret Atwood, Raymond Souster, Al Purdy,Elizabeth Brewster, Irving Layton, David McFadden, David Helwig,Earle Birney, Miriam Waddington, Michael Ondaatje and JohnNewlove. Provenance: John Metcalf. Typescript with each poem signed. - Bound in black buckram. Donated by Hugh Anson-Cartwright in 1994. Listing of poems available at repository.

Canadian Literary and Art Archives
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71 poems