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Academic Program Committee series

Submitted by dmcdonne on Wed, 10/15/2014 - 1:56pm

The Academic Program Committee (APC) is a standing committee of General Faculties Council.  The Committee was established on April 27, 1989 (GFC 329.5.1).  The purpose of the Academic Program Committee is to facilitate the development of academic programs; to evaluate and approve proposals for the creation, reduction or deletion of programs as mandated by General Faculties Council (GFC); to encourage innovation in the design and delivery of programs; to promote continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning for all academic programs and to report to GFC on matters of policy relating to the quality and integrity of academic programming.

Membership consists of five members, one of whom will be an elected member of GFC, named by the GFC Steering Committee for terms of two years, renewable.  One of these members shall be named by the Steering Committee as Chair of APC and one as Vice Chair.  Additional Committee members include one or two students named by the Students’ Legislative Council; one representative from the Graduate Students’ Association; and one representative from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Ex officio members of the Committee include the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Program Coordination Committee; the Vice-Provost (Students); and the Registrar.  Non-voting members include the President or delegate of The University of Calgary Faculty Association; the Deputy Provost as Executive Secretary; and other resource people as required.

The series is arranged into two sub-series:  (1) Agenda packages; and (2) Subject files and related material.  


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