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Records that MAY have Permanent Value

Records of permanent value are those whose administrative, financial, legal or historical value are such that they will be retained in perpetuity in the University Archives.

The following list should not be considered exhaustive; however, records relating to the following activities may warrant transfer to the University Archives for permanent preservation:

  • Discussions and changes to curriculum, courses and programs
  • Development of new programs
  • Accreditation of programs
  • Course outlines
  • Development of core activities of a faculty, department or unit
  • Projects and programs specific to a faculty, department or unit
  • Minutes of meetings, with agenda and accompanying materials
  • Reports produced by faculties, departments or units (administrative reports, annual reports, project reports, self-study documents, unit reviews, etc.)
  • Periodicals or newsletters produced by a faculty, department or unit.
  • Final budgets and higher level financial discussions.
  • Strategic planning of a faculty, department or unit (such as setting of goals and objectives, changes to mission statements, changes to direction or focus, etc.)
  • Policy and procedures (manuals, discussions about, changes to, etc.)
  • Changes to faculty, department or unit structures including organizational charts.
Contact the University Archives if you have questions over which records may have permanent status.