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Counselling Client Files

Retention Rule Number: 
Specific Retention Rule 2014.09
To document client history, consultations and assessments of individuals accessing Counselling Services through the Students' Union Wellness Centre.
Description/Type of Records: 
NOTE: THIS RULE APPLIES ONLY TO COUNSELLING CLIENT FILES CREATED IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY STUDENTS' UNION WELLNESS CENTRE. Client's demographic information; counsellor's notes and client histories; informed consent forms; assessments, observation and test results; instructions and advice; correspondence and reports either prepared or received.

Retention Rules

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)
Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR): 

Students' Union Wellness Centre - Counselling Services

Active: Retain for the period of time the client attends the clinic.

In-active: Retain file for 10 years past date of last visit, or in the case of minors, for 2 years past the patient's age of majority, whichever is longer.


Confidential shred or delete