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External Archival Resources

Alberta on Record: contains descriptions of archival resources held in repositories in Alberta as well as digitized images and textual documents.  Searching this database will assist researchers in locating materials relevant to their research. 

Yukon Archival Union List: is contained within the Alberta on Record database.  To search for records in the Yukon do an advanced search and limit your search to a repository in the Yukon.   

Archives Canada (Canadian Archival Information Network): contains descriptions of archival resources held in repositories throughout Canada. In addition, the Networks and Links pages on this site give access to other Canadian online databases and to the websites of many of Canada's archival repositories.

Images Canada: contains digitized images held in archival repositories across Canada.

Glenbow Archives: contains descriptions of archival resources and digitized archival records from the Glenbow Archives’ collections.

Alberta Heritage Digitization Project: contains digitized content pertaining to Alberta, including local histories, newspapers, the Statutes of Alberta, the Bills of Alberta, folklore, art, airphotos and more. 

Archives Society of Alberta Online Resources: The Archives Society of Alberta has created several online learning objects which provide access to digitized archival records, educational resources, and tutorials in how to conduct research, using primary sources, critical literacy, citing sources and more.

Virtual Exhibits:  view exhibits created by archives across Canada on a wide variety of subjects.  Search for exhibits on specific subjects, by institution, or by the province or territory where the archives resides.