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Celebrating 50 Years: 2003

100,000 Graduates / EULE Legacy

In 2003 the University reached a milestone and celebrated 100,000 graduates at the June convocation. The year also saw a culmination of the work of the Enhancing Undergraduate Learning Experience (EULE) team which created a roadmap for future action and initiatives.

Reaching the 100,000 graduate marker was attributed to the rapid growth of the University – from 2 buildings and under 4,000 students in 1966 to the small city-within-a-city

and close to 30,000 students in 2003. For a young university (at only 37 years old), the achievement was even more remarkable.

The University continued to look towards the future by seeking ways to continue providing the best learning experience and environment. The Enhancing Undergraduate Learning Experience (EULE) team wrapped up two years of work to coordinate and communicate the integration of key institutional priorities regarding the quality of the undergraduate experience in a research university. Major achievements of the EULE team were:

• Creation of UofC Direct Entry
• Exploration of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) – investigating what was already in place on campus; developing an understanding of how to implement IBL more fully; communicating how IBL can be vital to invigorating students’ interest in research and academic curiosity; and how IBL could enhance student experience and success.
• Development of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Action Plan including the implementation of the UofC Researchers’ Speakers Series and seeking to increase undergraduate research opportunities.

EULE played a foundational role in positioning the University as it continues towards its goal of the top 5 research Universities.

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