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Celebrating 50 Years: 1977

Continuing Education becomes a Faculty

The Division of Continuing Education was first created to co-ordinate all evening credit and summer credit programmes, plus all non-degree courses and seminars throughout the year. 

The question of changing the name of the Division to a Faculty was first raised in 1972 from the Baker Report on “The University and Continuing Education in Alberta.” This report examined the current and possible future states of continuing education, and specifically the role that universities should play. The report recommended that universities provide the structure and organization necessary to align continuing education more fully with other university education offerings, and to invest in the resources necessary for success.

The debate at the University of Calgary included what status a Faculty of Continuing Education would have, given that the then Universities Act accorded certain powers to a Faculty or School including the granting of degrees, and the right to bring forward courses or programs to General Faculties Council which was thought could lead to some confusion. It was pointed out that Graduate Studies held Faculty status, but did not bring forward programs for consideration. One of the arguments for according Faculty status was to foster a sense of identity and belonging to the students who attended Continuing Education.

By 1975, the University of Alberta had made the change to the Faculty of Extension with the senior administrator designated as Dean. At the University of Calgary, a similar change was debated again given that evening credit courses had expanded to become part of the regular load while non-credit offerings had “mushroomed.” Dr. Terentiuk wrote a recommendation for the change, followed a year later by a proposal from Dr. Chapman, Director of the Division of Continuing Education.

In August 1977, the Minister of Advanced Education and Manpower approved the Board of Governor’s request to officially change the Division’s name to the Faculty of Continuing Education.

In 2004, the Board of Governors approved another name change to University of Calgary Continuing Education (UCCE).

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