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Celebrating 50 Years: 1971

Dinnie’s Den opens with 3 for $1 beer

The University’s first on campus pub opened on November 24th and was immediately deemed a “roaring success”.  Students, faculty and support staff filled the pub to capacity in order to christen “Dinnie’s Den” on its grand opening. Members of the Students’ Union enforced rules of behavior which included “no gambling, no rowdiness, no smoking it up

and not too much walking around”.  The Students’ Union VP-External, Gary Langshaw, said the students acted very responsibly and there was no trouble, adding “there was good attendance from faculty and support staff and we were happy about that too”.

The Den initially had a weekly license to open in the MacEwan Hall snack bar on Friday afternoons from 1:30 to 5:30, with a plan to establish a more permanent venue once approvals were obtained from the Alberta Liquor Control Board. The University’s Board of Governors had approved the pub and a licensed dining lounge in September, but the ALCB was reluctant to permit liquor to be served on university campuses except for specific events. 

Two-thousand bottles of beer were sold at the Den on the first afternoon, at 35 cents per bottle or three for a dollar – well under the local going rate for bottled beer.  Even so, the Students’ Union managed to make a small profit after paying the 10 students employed at the pub.  Profits were to be held in trust by the MacEwan Hall directorate and earmarked for the students’ share of future MacEwan Hall expansion. 

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