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Canadian Architectural Archives

The Canadian Architectural Archives (CAA) was established in 1974 as a joint venture between the University of Calgary Library and the Faculty of Environmental Design. With the mandate of collecting the work of twentieth century Canadian architects, the archives has emphasized the documentation of the total output of architectural firms in an attempt to provide an accurate historical profile. Collections may consist of drawings, project files, correspondence, slides, photographs, aperture cards, oral history tapes and transcripts, and architectural models.

Mission: To collect, preserve, and ensure access to the records of twentieth century Canadian architects and architectural firms with regional, national and international significance.

Vision: To make a comprehensive range of primary twentieth century Canadian architectural documentary evidence of lasting historical importance available to the University of Calgary, as well as a regional, national and international research community.

Mandate: To support learning, teaching and research and to create working partnerships to promote and support the development of the Canadian Architectural Archives and its unique collections through instruction, reference, exhibitions, publications and special events.